January 30, 2008

Baking on V-Day

I am looking for a good Valentine's day recipe to take to my office for V-day week (or thereabouts).

My idea was to make a white cake with cherries added and white chocolate frosting - but I haven't found a good recipe yet and I am not sure how cherries would cook up in a cake. Of course my workplace is the place where I 'try out' my recipes... so does it matter?

Anybody have any ideas?

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January 27, 2008

Politics Rears It's Head

I just thought the quiz on USA Today was very interesting, it matches your key beliefs with the presidential candidate hopeful who is most like you.

I knew who I would match - Rudy Guiliani, who for some reason I think would be a great candidate because I am right down the middle, and so is he. My second two candidates were Democrats, but both have dropped out already.

If you are interested in taking the quiz click here and enjoy the result! That and hopefully you can vote in a primary that will make a difference - I know I won't be.

(ps no dissing each other's choices!)

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January 26, 2008

Related to Germ Un-Phobia

Since I was reading Time, I thought I'd share some of the recommended vaccines for all US Adults: click here for the article.

And just like Jeff mentions, the CDC says that vaccines are part of a healthy life.

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January 24, 2008

Pet Peeves: The Radio Edition

Since beginning to drive to work in September I have heard any number of idiotic radio commercials. However one takes the cake, it's for cars and they have 'agressfully' priced their cars to sell. I'm positive 'agressfully' is not a word, especially used in that context.

Another ad is the Weisfield (Goodman?) Jeweler Ad campaign where the girl giggles and says 'I almost microwaved the box!', which is where her husband/fiancÚ/boyfriend hid her gift. If I never hear this and 'He Bought It At Jared!' again - my life will be complete.

Really - it's just the 'agressfully' that gets to me. Could we all stick to words that are actually English? Or at least common used slang terms...

Any that you've heard - even TV commercials count.

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January 21, 2008

Germ Un-Phobia

It's true - I suffer from Germ Un-Phobia. I am not scared of germs, I actually think they are kindof good for me. I wouldn't go out of my way to contract a specific kind of illness, but I also wouldn't go out of my way to wash my hands.

I know, it's disgusting right? I also don't believe is all this 'anti-bacterial' stuff or lots of vaccines. I don't know if I will get my children vaccines for Chicken Pox - unless they haven't had the disease and they are 6 or so, but is there really a need for it? It's a disease that rarely kills, unless your immune system is already compromised. Isn't it better to have the anti-bodies than just to get a vaccine? Make your body fight!

I'm not saying I don't wash my hands, but I am saying there's no need to be obsessive. It doesn't help when I read about how antibacterial soap isn't good for you. There are all sorts of good bacteria and germs that help us everyday, and we need to help them florish and grow because they protect us from the bad germs.


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January 12, 2008

A Little About My Week

This week was a little big busy, and I ended up with about two and a half hours of overtime. One of the issues is that payroll was closing and I had the 27th through the 1st off, so we had a little bit off catch up. There were a couple mistakes made as well - and that added to our time, but it was an easy (though time consuming) fix.

I did make it to Bikram Yoga once this week, on Thursday. I managed to injure my ankle by doing a pose incorrectly, not so badly that I stopped the class or knew it at the time. Instead the next day it hurt, so I have it wrapped up to stabilize it. It's the ankle I tore ligaments in, so it should go alway quickly - or at least before my next class on Tuesday.

Quizz also got a little sick this week, but all I had to do was get some new cat food the doctor reccommended, and he's doing fine.

Hope you had a good day too! Go Seahawks!

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January 06, 2008

Playoff Game!

Unbeknownst to me, Scott put down money on Season Tickets for the Seahawks a few months ago. (You put down money to enter the waiting list.) They have a lottery for those who are on the list - you can get chosen to buy playoff tickets, and we WERE! Scott purchased two tickets for the Seahawks vs. Redskins game that happened yesterday.

We had tons of fun! I took a picture of the field from our seat before the game started - and of course a not-so-great picture of us (before the seats behind us were filled. It was great to cause TWO more false starts - for those of you unfamiliar with the stadium, it has the most false starts of all the NFL stadiums, the Metrodome being a distance second. Also one of the false starts was hilarious because the ball was snapped and the quarterback wasn't even looking!

I also learned a couple of things: a field goal is not a field goal when it is an 'extra point' - who knew? AND if you can make the opposing team punt right before the half you get an extra kickoff.

So join Seahawks fever, we're up against Green Bay next (and we're going to receive the ball and score, as Hasselbeck says) - and you know you don't want Green Bay to win! Heck, even my Jones soda loves the Seahawks (that's Josh Brown, our kicker, on the label). Join the fever and root for the home team (since your teams didn't make it in, Vikings and Bears fans)!

(PS - my new camera phone - great purchase!)

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January 03, 2008

Bikram Yoga

I have recently taken up Bikram (or hot) yoga at an excellent facility in Tacoma. It is very interesting because it's so hard to do and yet, aftewards, you want to go again. In the first five minutes I was like 'oh no, I'm not going to survive', but towards the end (when I wasn't laying down because I was breathing so hard) I was feeling pretty good. I feel really great now, about two hours later.

My next class isn't until next Wednesday, but I need to go more often to 'get used to it' otherwise, as my instructor says, everytime will feel like the first. Can anybody tell me whether this is true?

...and if you are interested the yoga center's website is here.

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