September 24, 2008

A Lamb Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

I will write about the Seahawks game later... first I am going to update you all about my lovely time at The Fair.

And don't ask which fair... it's The Fair, which can be found at, that's right - I went with the kids about a week ago and we spent lots of money on rides and games (most of which we lost).

I went back with my mom on Saturday for a Steven Curtis Chapman concert. Before the concert we were able to puruse the stalls, shop and buy (among other things) a Sham-WOW (you know you want one too).

We also checked out the animals and saw two crazy things... one: with all the words for poop (scat, feces, manure, number 2, etc) the Fair chose "Doo-doo"... you didn't believe me did you? Two: don't you think it's cruel to divide a lamb before you slaughter it? Really, plan your dinner a different way people!

The concert was great! Hope your week is going well... For me any week that doesn't include a run on WAMU is as good one, and don't pretend it hasn't happened - there was a run on IndyMac (not related, apparently, to FreddieMac) in California earlier this year...

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September 16, 2008

The Return of 500

Long ago, in a state far, far away, there was a car accident involving a young, unlicensed, uninsured boy...

If you remember this, congratulations, you know the 10lees. I was involved in an accident where a young driver (and I use the term driver loosely) backed into my car at a stoplight. Because he was uninsured I had to pay my deductable and State Farm (my insurance company) had to sue him for the additional funds.

Yesterday, I got my 500 bucks back that I spent in 2003... personally I think I should get some interest too, but apparently State Farm gets to keep all that...

So yay! I need to find somewhere to spend it... or maybe just a bank other than WAMU to put it in...

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September 14, 2008

Baking Mistakes

So tonight I made some Potato Rolls... and accidentally forgot to put in the sugar. I was a little worried when I figured this out (which was right after I had put them in the oven). Amazingly they turned out just fine - which means that sugar is not that important of an ingredient.

I was also bummed the Seahaks lost in OT after looking fairly solid most of the game... but my consolation is that the Bears lost too! Bwahahaha...

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September 07, 2008

Looking For China

Oh yeah, now you all think I'm going to China, right? Well, actually it's not that exciting...

When I was married I inherited two China sets, the one that I have from Scott's Grandmother who was an Army wife and (obviously) had enough China to feed an army. Seriously, I have 20 place settings in that pattern. It is a beautiful pink rose pattern, perhaps not what I would have chosen myself (I'm partial to my mother's very simple ivory and gold set) but it is beautiful and I am very grateful.

The other set is by WH Grindley and it was owned by my Great-Grandmother (my mother's mother's mother) and she divided her sets (she had two) in half and gave half to each daughter. (She technically had three daughters, but I believe only two were living by the time she gave away her China). I have just sent it off to to identify the pattern - as I have been unable to find it online. I have to admit this is the favorite pattern I own, although it is rather gaudy in it's own way.

So I hope to hear back from Replacements soon and solve the mystery of the pretty plates...

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September 01, 2008

I'm Not Abigail Adams

I worked today helping my husband thatch our lawn (in order to plant a new one)... it was incredibly hard work and I have to admit I am not that big of a fan of hard yard work. I like the easy yard work, planting flowers, maybe trimming some bushes, pulling some weeds, but not raking and picking up all the leftover dead lawn. I have been watching the John Adams Miniseries though - and this made me realize that I am nowhere near as hardworking as Abigail Adams.

Abigail Adams works very hard on the family farm, I can't believe how hard she probably worked on that house! You see her scrubbing the floor, planting the fields, and presumably she did a lot more than that as well - like harvesting the fields and washing clothes and making dinner! Now, I am not sure how much of that is historically accurate (she probably planted her garden, but probably didn't plant fields), but it sure makes you think about how hard Americans worked to survive and eat.

In other news this weekend, I have to admit I am happy that the Governor of Alaska was chosen as a VP candidate! I really like her, but then I am biased since I am from Alaska and she's a touch chick (she hunts her own meat!).

I hope your own Labor day was exciting or relaxing...

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