August 18, 2008

First Game!

We went to our first Seattle Seahawks game last weekend, it was TONS of fun! It was a beautiful day and warm, downright hot for Seattle, at 85 degrees. The Seahawks did beat the Bears (barely) with a field goal in overtime. We gave up the two touchdowns, one with an interception and one with a punt return, otherwise I am not sure if the Bears would have scored as they were having a hard time moving the ball down the field. To be fair: so were we and it is pre-season which means a lot of the players on the field are still 'trying out'.

I am hoping the Seahawks have a good season! Our third string Quarterback looks pretty good, but he needs some more experience.

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August 10, 2008

Sniffing Cleaning Supplies

Not as a means to get high or anything...

A few days ago I was looking at the new Consumer Reports and they rated cleaning supplies on how well they get rid of and prevent scum, mildew, and whether it leaves streaks. Suprisingly good old Comet made the top of the list and what I really wanted was something to remove (and prevent) scum in my tub. So I went and bought some, along with some scrubbing pads and rubber gloves, and scrubbed my tub. It was a rousing success - I have to say it did a great job.

This weekend was nice and relaxing. We went over to a pig roast at one of Scott co-workers house, literally buried a pig and cooked it in the sand. It was delicious!

We also went next door and introduced ourselves to our new neighbor, who seems very nice! It seemed very 1950s to go over and introduce ourselves, but she mentioned no one had introduced themselves yet and it made us feel a little bad that none of our other neighbors had been so nice.

Today I did a little cooking (pot roast for dinner) and lots of aformentioned cleaning - in addition to the master tub I cleaned the master bathroom sinks and toilet, and lifted up the range on the stove to clean underneath - which was scary as it hadn't been cleaned in a long time. Now I just need to get all my cleaning supplies organized...

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August 08, 2008

Weekend of Fun

Last weekend I went to MN, and I apologize if I missed you, but it was mainly for one reason - to help my best friend Lo start her search for a wedding dress! It was a lot of fun, and we found a few gorgeous dresses in our search on Friday. I can't post them here, of course (her fiance might see them). Dr G was kind enough to pick me up from the airport and we did plenty of shopping (tax free, a joy for us both) at the Mall of America.

We did swing by Bethel on Saturday, since all three of us are graduates, and explored the changes. It was amazing to see the new dorm (yes, it's been a while) and the new Brushaber Center (or whatever it's going to be called) going up. I am jealous those new students get such a nice Dining Center - it would be amazing! Also, I found out my old job misses me so much that they had to build a robot to replace me... seriously! (ok, so maybe I exaggerate...)

The rest of the time was spent reminising, chatting, giving advice, chilling, and playing Settlers of Cattan. I miss both of them lots and it was amazing to spend some quality time with them! Now, we just have to figure out what do to next time...

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August 05, 2008

Results on the Gas Test

Outside of driving my 18 gallon tank until it was running on fumes (and nearly running out of gas), this wasn't much of an adventure.

Originally (on July 13th) I purchased 16.561 gallons of gas and had gone 409.0 miles on that tankful. (also, I paid 4.289 a gallon, ouch!). This translates in to 24.69657 miles per gallon.

Then I washed my car - and to be fair I did wash and wax the car in an automatic car wash. But I think that shouldn't make a difference...

This morning (August 5th) I purchased 18.298 gallons of gas and had gone 430.4 miles on the tank. (also, paid 4.099 a gallon, so it's gone down). This translates into 23.52169.

Wow, so that was a miserable failure. I didn't notice any perceptible difference in the way or amount I drove. I don't use my air conditioning all that often, even when it is warm enough, because I like driving with my windows down.

Anybody else want to give it a shot? Otherwise I'll call this a bunch of bullcrap...

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