October 19, 2008

Another Update?

I am debating letting my blog die a quiet death, it's true that most of my linked friends have been slowly not updating... I can understand why, life catches up with you. So I'll try and come up with a few more blog ideas and we'll see how it goes I guess...

I am getting really sick of the election information, I am just ready to go to the polls (metaphorically, as I am an absentee voter) and vote - as I hope most of you will do as well. I am fully convinced that those who say they don't know who they are voting for yet just don't want to say. I am sure they have an idea of who they are going to vote for, they just don't want to commit yet.

However, one bright spot (usually) is SNL, they are pretty hilarious. I loved the 'rap' they had for Sarah Palin this weekend on Weekend Update. I won't link it, but I am sure you can find it on YouTube if you didn't catch it. Also, Mark Wahlberg making fun of himself was a bonus, as were the 'MacGruber' mini-episodes.

The new TV Shows are starting (that's why you all have been missing isn't it?) and I am not watching anything new - just the same old shows. I did drop Heroes already though, it lost me at 'hello'. One show that seems to have really developed into a great comedy was 'Big Bang Theory', it's managed to hook my hubby who doesn't really like sitcoms.

Have a wonderful week!

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October 06, 2008

Just An Update

Not much is going on in my life, it's going along swimmingly.

This past weekend I did manage to clean and organize the garage somewhat. It made a large dent in the mess, which makes me feel like a lot has been accomplished! We would like to have it clean enough by spring to have room for some bikes, which would be fun to ride around.

I also have done quite a bit of baking and cooking, it is fun to experiment. I have to say the best rolls I have made have been the Potatoe Rolls, mmmmm... And this weekend I made a Red Velvet (Waldorf) cake with Cream Cheese frosting, everybody at work enjoyed it!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week!

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