November 09, 2008

Om, Yoga

I have been going to yoga regularly again. For those of you who don't know, I do Bikram yoga, which is a series of 26 asanas (poses) preformed twice each in a room heated to 104 degrees Farinheit. I am not big on the Spiritual aspect of yoga, which is one of the reasons I stayed away so long even though it's supposed to have these great benefits. However, the studio I go to doesn't have a lot of wierd spiritual mumbo-jumbo with their yoga. They will spill out the platitudes that come with yoga (accept where you are today, etc); however those are usually things that I need to hear.

Yoga keeps me sane, I find that if I make time at least twice a week I will feel close to normal almost 100% of the time. Although the last month has been rather a challange for me and my 'feelings'. I am not sure if it is the changing season, which can affect me, or the dose of xanax I took about a month ago. Either way, I've been feeling pretty good in the last couple of weeks, now I just need to stop worrying about feeling bad again. Isn't that the worst thing about any anxiety disorder, the worrying about feeling bad in the future? I think it is...

So off I go into the wild blue yonder to attempt to wrestle all my feelings and gain control over them. Wish me luck!

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November 03, 2008

Watching My Team Lose

I haven't really blogged yet about this, but we have Seahawks Season Tickets, which hasn't been as much fun as it might have been if we were winning. Yesterday we went to the game with the Eagles, who were favored to win by 7 even though they were playing us at Qwest field. It was pretty sad to watch us lose... sniff!

We did have an awesome play within the first few minutes - a 90 yard touchdown with us all screaming in excitement. Here is a view from our seats, pretty good huh?

We did have an adventure with Drunk and Drunker sitting next to us. They were approximately 24 year old women (at least one of whom was married) who were pretty sad in their attempts to have men notice them. What was even better was hearing one of the guys behind us use the 'you have beautiful eyes' line. It had me (fake) gagging, but laughing.

I am going to yoga tomorrow in order to prevent having to watch hours of election coverage. But I hope you all vote!

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