December 31, 2008

Historically Inaccurate Films

Scott found this article on the internet about the most historically inaccurate films, which we read it together, and found hilariously amusing.

Did you know 2001:A Space Odyssey is totally inaccurate because we didn't travel to Jupiter in 2001? (Also, I haven't met a computer named HAL and Hubble hasn't taken a picture of a giant baby in space.) And I thought it was Science Fiction, we should also add Blade Runner in 2019 when we don't have to send out Harrison Ford to shoot androids.

The only three on the list that are actually historically inaccurate are Elizabeth The Golden Age, Braveheart, and to a much lesser extent 300. The 300 shouldn't really be included because it's based on a graphic novel which is based on the historical event. The other two are based on actual historical events, and could've maybe been more accurate (they are just movies!).

However, Gladiator, Apocalypto, The Last Samuri and 10,000 BC are based on ideas, not on any actual event. Also, their main problem with Gladiator is the fact that Commodus wasn't exactly like the way he was portrayed - how about the fact there wasn't any person actually named Maximus??

Plus author's main issue with the The Patriot is that the guy was apparently non-enlightened and was a racist/Indian oppressor. I don't think those kind of details are added into movies and they don't nullify the details that are true. The symbol of the Democratic party is a donkey because of Andrew Jackson, the President who is famous for removing the Cherokee from Georgia even though the Cherokee had a SUPREME COURT RULING that nullified Jackson's decree. (See I learned something by watching The Presidents on History).

So now Scott and I are looking forward to adding lots more movies to our 'historically inaccruate' list. I'll have to get my list of Science Fiction together and see if it happens or not on the appropriate dates....

Happy New Year!!

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December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We are finally having a white Christmas here, but it turned into a little bit of a bummer for the kids - their Grandparents can't come up from Portland because it is so bad down there! Actually Portland was only allowed cars with chains on ANY street, and they don't have chains. Our weather has gotten a little better, for those that don't know (and that may be most of you as nobody has been to my house outside of my mother) I live on a huge hill. I wasn't able to even get up my hill with my car last Monday - I did get half way up and and I had do a controlled slide back down. They FINALLY sanded our hill almost 7 days after the snow first started, even then they didn't deem it important enough to go down our street.

Also, apparently the US Mail doesn't deliver in any weather - if they have to walk up the hill with the mail they just will wait and deliver stuff later... maybe...

I hope you all have a wonderful day and a Merry Christmas... and that you get everything you wanted!

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December 08, 2008

We Spent All Our Money On Lobbyists could you lend us 25 Billion? It'd really help us out. Of course if we'd spent our money on research into finding a better gas efficient car maybe the American public would be buying our cars instead of those Japanese ones. Also, sorry about killing the electric car, we're just owned by big Oil.

Not that I'm frustrated by the bailout... (haha)... though I have seen some great skits. There is a one (the mascot, my favorite, is begging for 25 Billion so he can restart the company with a huge Superbowl commercial starring Gisele) and the SNL one where they talk about how the Cadillac lights on fire everytime they try and start it. You should check it out!

Mostly I am just hanging out, currently I am watching a Charlie Brown Christmas, which is just so cute! This should be required watching for all children. It's one of my favorite specials of all time (Garfield's Halloween is up there too). Of course there is always 'Little Drummer Boy' and 'Jack Frost', my favorite Christmas movie is still It's A Wonderful Life, which I think is uplifting.

Merry almost Christmas - I hope you are all getting in the 'mood', and if not, drink a peppermint hot cocoa, it's sure to make you feel Christmasy! (or have it snow where you live, though that's probably not happening here...)

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