October 28, 2007

Getting Carded

It is one thing to get carded for things you aren't supposed to be able to buy until after you are 21, but it's another to get carded for things you aren't supposed to do until you are 18...

Let me expound: When I was 17 I was out with my good friend Jessica and we decided to get our ears pierced - I believe it was her first piercing. Because we were 17 we couldn't go to Claire's or someplace reputable, instead we went to a hole in the wall in a dingy San Jose mall. It only cost me $2 to get my ears pierced, and those piercings gave me nothing but problems. Eventually they closed, I had repierced them on my own twice. However, since I haven't worn earrings in years they had closed beyond my own ability to repierce.

Therefore, the other day I decided I wanted to have a second hole again, especially since my third hole hasn't closed. So I went to Claire's and got it pierced - and got carded. Now I am not sure if they carded me because they have to write down the license number, or if they really thought I was under 18. I am not sure which I would prefer, I get rather annoyed with the constant asking of my age, or the 'did you just graduate from college?'. I don't think I look that young, compared with myself at 18 or 20 or 22... and people then used to think that I was older, but now they think I am still 22 or 24... I am almost 28 people!!

And Happy Birthday Roland!

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October 22, 2007

Clever SNL Shorts

The last few weeks I have caught several hilarious SNL Digital Shorts. Now usually the way I catch them is either seeing information about them on the internet: as will the I Ran So Far (found here)

Or by my husband recording SNL for me, as in the case of Punched in the Face Before Eating. It delivers exactly what it promises: punches. You can see it on YouTube, of course I have provided link.

Hope you are having a great week!
This provides hope for the SNL future, perhaps they will come out with more funny skits like these. However I'm not holding my breath and still will be watching 30Rock for my laughs.

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October 14, 2007

Using Algebra In Real Life

Now that I am working in the Human Resources department working on payroll (and ensuring everybody gets paid) I use algebra. It took me a while to remember some of the equations, but I believe I have mastered it - or at least what I have to master for the position. Didn't think I'd ever say it, but math can be fun!

My weekend consisted of doing yard work, trimming the holly bush, a couple a little bushes (don't know what they are) and a large 'devil bush' that has successfully taken over about a 10 foot area. My mom managed to cut back a bunch of it, and this weekend I managed to trim a bit more. I also managed to cut the electric cord with my hedge trimmer, which didn't shock me, but since I cut it clean through I am going to have to buy another one. Shhh, don't tell Scott, I don't want to catch too much grief for it.

All of us went and got pumpkins to carve for Halloween. I'll try and make this year better than last year's cat. Any ideas?

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October 09, 2007

An Update, Finally

As my brother pointed out, Scott happens to look a lot like a certain celebrity. The resemblance I actually didn't see when I first met him. Enjoy... I apologize it's not baby pictures bran.

In other news, my iPod arrived. Any cute name suggestions for my iPod? I was boring and named it Tenley's iPod. I suppose I could have named it '10lees', but that seemed just as boring.

Last Thursday I went to an Open House at a local area skin and eye clinic. It was very enlightening. I got to speak to people about Restalyn, Hydra Facial, eyelash extensions, medical makeup, and chemical peels. While I am not planning on getting anything done in the near future, it was fun to go out with coworkers to have fun looking at 'girly' things.

Hope you are all having a great week!

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