September 30, 2007


I was attempting to merge my husband and my picture together so we could have a side by side picture from when we were both in college. But my results turned out less than expected... maybe because I was using MS Paint instead of Photoshop. Still, ain't we cute??

Nothing much else to report from this weekend, still nursing a slight cold which isn't much of a 'sickness', but is much more of an 'annoyance'. I also started uploading all my songs to iTunes - everything will be ready when my iPod arrives.

And, of course, provide me song and artist recommendations in my comments or in an email to me!

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September 29, 2007

Too Late...

My earlier entry from today is already outdated. I have purchased an iPod directly from Apple. Before you gasp and say 'but that's waaay expensive', let me share with you a little secret ... refurbished. I bought an alarm clock in 7th grade from a Sony store that was refurbished and I used it until I moved in with my husband. Actually the only reason I don't use it anymore is because I packed it in a box somewhere, and I haven't found it yet.

Anyway, I was considering the iPod Nano 8GB for $199, but ended up with a refurbished iPod Classic (in black) for $199. I am pretty happy with the decision and am hoping it gets here by the end of next week.

So if you have music to share with me, tell me the name below, or you can always make me a CD and send it to me. I wouldn't say no to a little pirateering! (As someone once said, I wouldn't steal a car, but if I could rip a copy of a car for free I would).

Have a great weekend!

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The iPod?

At my new job I do a lot of report reconciliation and data entry, among other things. Therefore I am considering purchasing a music player of the digital variety. The first one that came to mind was, of course, the iPod. I began looking and noticed the new iPod nano (in pretty colors) which is around $199. I would like to only spend about $200 bucks on whatever I purchase, so that rules out the larger iPod Classic, which I like but would definetly need to save for.

In order to get a better look at the nano, I stopped by Best Buy, it's tiny! Then the Zune caught my eye, it's cheaper (plus) and has a larger capacity (also plus). However, one of the reasons I like the iPod is because of iTunes - does anybody know what type of closed system you use on the Zune and whether it is any good? I have read some online and since I am used to iTunes (and know how to work around the 'closed' system) and enjoy the idea of choosing a large selection of music for only .99 instead of from the smaller selection that the Zune (supposedly) has.

So any thoughts on music players that I should consider?

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September 23, 2007

Tuning Out

As I am writing this I am trying to tune out my husband's watching of Saving Private Ryan, it's on TV, but since we have cable I have no idea what station and some of them aren't as edited as I'd like. Of course I was watching Shaun of the Dead earlier this morning and it was hilarious, but I am not sure I'd want to see the blood and guts of a zombie-esque movie.

Most of my weekend was spent shopping - what else do you do when you get paid out your vacation? Save money, pay off credit cards, pay down loans? I'll do some of that too - I only spent about $150.00 to get some more 'work appropriate tops'. This also involved buying a couple of camisoles which cover more than the average shirt as my current job is more aware of 'low cut' than my last job.

I did get one top at Kohls, but was dissapointed in their 'Vera Wang' collection, it didn't have as much as I'd hoped and the items that I was interested in were not available in my size. I went to JCPenney and Marshalls too. JCPenney has good selection, but not always the best prices (for some reason any top over $30.00 looses it's appeal) and Marshalls, as always, was a little hit and miss. That's my shopping adventure for the next few months.

Scott's mom went into the hospital Wednesday night for emergency surgery and Scott drove down there Thursday morning. She seems to be doing well by now, but if you could all keep her in your prayers it'd be appreciated!

My new job is going well. Aside from the wonderful view, I am really liking the job, and my coworkers all seem to be very nice. My job is to make sure everybody gets paid and gets paid the right amount; I find it exciting to be the one responsible. Nothing else much to report, I am still learning and getting better all the time.

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September 13, 2007

The View

My new job is going well! It's hard to really know what it is going to be like as I don't have all the knowledge yet. But it is looking good so far! I like the girl who is training me too, and she has the cubicle that opens up to mine, so it's good that I like her.

The best thing about my new job... the view from my new window. Now it would have been great to have just a window, or even a window near by. However I am against the outside wall and have a great view (remember, I'm on the 13th floor)... so enjoy the picture and
other picture
... and feel jealous... very jealous!!

Hope you are having a great week!

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September 09, 2007

The Shingles

We had a scare last week with my Grandma, she wasn't feeling well so my Mother removed her from her independent living arrangements. They visited the Urgent Care clinic, but didn't get much help (I am assuming) because my Mom just took her home and let her sleep that night. The next morning my Grandma was in so much pain that my Mom decided to take her to the ER, where she was diagnosed with shingles and admitted. They gave her some antibiotics and painkillers and she was feeling better by Saturday. My Mom was worried that she wouldn't pull through for a while there though, especially since she had a little bit of a bad reaction to the antibiotics.

Now my Grandma is going to live with my Mom instead of in her independent living arrangements. This will be a little hard on my Mom to have my Grandma living with her (granted this is her Mother), because my Grandma is a ornary person. Even the nurses agree, when my Mom stopped into the hospital to see her apparently Grandma had tried to hit people. Ah, nothing better than an 82 year old woman trying to slap you upside the head. Hide the guns! (from her)

And if you can, remember my Grandma in your prayers.

In other news, it's very sunny and warm here! Almost like a summertime, which is nice since most of our summer was a horrible rainy season. Yay for Indian Summers!

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September 08, 2007


So far unemployment is treating me well, I have managed to sleep for a solid 12 hours. Actually it wasn't solid, I went to bed at 8:30pm, but got up at 1:30am for a snack, and then went back to bed again - but it was close to solid. This is my plan for the next few days, until I manage to find another job - haha.

Today I did go and watch my step-daughter's soccer game. I am still not understanding the whole 'soccer' obsession. Seriously - my daughter (I just assume here) is going to take piano lessons and ballet, but none of this Saturday morning game stuff. I need my Saturdays to relax and recoop. My husband claims I'll enjoy going to games when it's my children. I beg to differ, I think I will just make him take them.

Now I am enjoying some Firefly in HD, which is awesome on my 50 inch screen. Have a great night!

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September 04, 2007

Look What's Making a Comeback

Not content to influx our children's culture with only Transformers, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, and My Little Pony, they have added another exciting stuffed animal / tv show from our past. Are you ready?? Do you already have your guess ready?

That's right... Poppels!

Now I know Poppels was a TV Show, but I actually have never seen it. It may not have made it to Alaska or, more likely, it was on too early for me to care about getting up and watching it (a la She-Ra). I had the actual toy, which was left in Alaska with the rest of my toys. I don't know if anybody else still has a Poppel, but I loved mine (just not as much as the toy that I still have - Mutsy, who is pretty pathetic looking today).

Last weekend, when Autumn went to purchase a toy at Target with her Birthday money, she saw this lovely little Poppel. When I saw it I was like 'oh I used to have one of these!', and I think it's a mark of how far our friendships has come that she decided to buy the little guy. Now these days they are far more advanced, she can record a message into her Poppel and throw it to a friend, who can play the message. This is way more high tech than I would've even imagined as a child, but she loves it.

There's your blast from the past for today, personally I am still waiting for Rainbow Bright to make a comeback...

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September 03, 2007

Not Bad...

...for Government work. Now when you say this you could be referring to me! That's right, I have gainful employment... not that I didn't before. For those of you who didn't know, I worked in a large Seattle hotel. I live in a town that is quite a bit outside of Seattle, actually you can't say my town name without affecting a strong country accent (there are actually several towns around me that this applies to). So I am going to work for a CITY and it is a much closer commute.

I am so excited to start! It couldn't come at a better time. I really needed to start a new job and move on in my career. I love the place I work, or I might say I used to love it, but there is no spot for me to move upwards. Even if there was a way for me to move forwards/upwards, I am not sure I would do it based solely on my commute. My job has changed quite a bit and I am glad that I chose this time to leave, it feels right and will give someone else an opportunity to grow.

So here's to my new job with the government of a large city and to a 15% raise and a smaller commute!

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