August 26, 2007

The Weekly Catch Up

For those of you who didn't know, it was my first year anniversary on Monday. We had a good time, went to Wendy's and then went out to see Superbad. We are planning to go to a very nice dinner sometime in the future, it would have been hard to do on a Monday after work. Scott and I have made it a whole year and it's been a wonderful one... though I won't say it hasn't been without it's fair share of arguments. We get along well most of the time, in fact we hadn't argued much before we got married, but marriage is wonderful work. As a sitcom once said 'anything worth getting takes hard work', or something like that.

My week at work was pretty well, we are gearing up for an All Employee Meeting, which takes a lot of work when you have 700 employees, as you might imagine. That has been a bit of work, and I even had to call in sick last week on Thursday - which just meant that I had to play catch up on Friday.

I would just like to say the weather this summer in Seattle has been altogether dreadful and sodden. We have only had about three completely sunny days (two of which were last week) and I am convinced it's not global warming as much as 'global weather pattern shifting'. This is ok for me right now, but I feel bad for those of you really suffering this summer from extreme heat, floods, and random hurricanes. Hope winter comes soon and you get a break from the heat, maybe with some extreme cold?

And speaking of hurricanes, my parents recently adopted a new cat, named Anabelle, and she is from Hurricane Katrine. She was shipped up here with some other animals and my parents adopted her. She's very nice, though rather small. I wish I had a picture for you, but you'll have to take my word she is cute.

And it was my Mom's Birthday on Saturday - Happy Birthday Mom! Scott and I drove up to the Monroe Fair and had a good time with some of the fair food. They have deep fried Oreos this year, not that I have ever tried deep fried anything (other than cheese curds). That's about all I have!

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August 12, 2007

Splinters Aren't Great

My weekend was rewarding, today I don't think I left the house except for brunch. Of course that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything, even though I haven't taken a shower yet. It was very nice and relaxing for a change, like a mini vacation.

I did wander outside both on Saturday and Sunday to do some yard work / gardening. What makes it gardening instead of yard work? I am not sure, but I will go ahead and say it is gardening because that makes me feel more special. I was trimming some of my hedges, though I only managed it for about twenty minutes on Saturday and an hour on Sunday. It is definetly easier to do with my mom here, since I feel like I am able to get more done. I am trying to take slow steps though, if I can do about a half hour of gardening four to five times a week I will be getting some great exercise. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up.

We do have some 'devil plants' which are, for one, way overgrown and, for two, have hideous thorns. After I trim the plants I have to pick up each of the branches I cut one by one. It still didn't work totally, I had to pull two splinters out of my hand after I got back inside. It wasn't very pleasant, hence my title.

I am also addicted to Scrabulous on Facebook now, basically playing a lot of Scrabble online. It's quite fun, it's even more fun if you can use some of those handy online sites that tell you what words could be made out of your rack. Is that cheating?

One thing to recommend: Hot Fuzz. Amazing, hilarious, I loved this movie. It is pretty bloody, so it's not recommended for my mom, but I think most of my other friends would get a kick out of it. The ads showed a huge gun battle, but the most fun is what leads up to it (it's the climax). Rent it, watch it, and enjoy!

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August 08, 2007

Oh Vacations...

I have returned today from a particularly damaging vacation, damaging to myself, but lots of fun. We drove over to Ocean Shores with the in-laws and kids to enjoy the beach. Of course, true to Washington weather, it was rainy and cloudy the whole time, so we didn't actually dip our feet in the Pacific.

We drove down the the 'key' on Monday and even managed to see a whale tail, along with a lot of blow-spurts (or whatever you call it when you see the whales come up for air and the blow out), and we also saw sea lions. However, the key is just a fancy word for a pile of rocks forming a jetty. When we climbed back down I was helping Autumn and fell (because I was overconfident) and bruised my back. It's a pretty spectacular bruise, I should take a picture and show off, but I'll refrain.

The next day we went horseback riding, on the beach, with horses, uh, obviously. The kids even had fun, even though Ryan probably kicked the poor horse more than he should have and Autumn was a little afraid at first. It was also Scott's first time on a horse, and I was even nervous a bit since it's been a good 10 years since I've been on a horse. I did get a horse named Nelly though, and it was lots of fun to say 'whoa Nelly'... hehe, the small joys in life. Now I am sore from riding a horse too.

I do have to laugh when I live daily with these signs and then I choose my vacation spots to be around these signs. Apparently natural disaster warnings follow me everywhere, I mean you don't see these all around the Midwest do you? I did like one of the sweatshirts you could buy that had the Tsunami Evacuation sign on the front and the directions to 'Run Like Hell' on the back. That's about all you can do...

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August 04, 2007

More About TV Shows

I just have to express my immense anger that they are bringing Futurama back for some straight to DVD movies, but they are not bring back Firefly... STILL! I mean, I expect it to come back sometime. Hasn't anybody talked to SciFi channel about this issue? They need something to replace Stargate and Battlestar, because they are both ending soon, what better than new episodes of Firefly?

And how come Jericho got to come back? Just because it's been over 5 years since Firefly first aired, that is no reason to continue holding it back. I have this immense fear they are going to do 'Firefly 2.0' like 'Startreck Next Generation', and it will suck, suck, suck!! Let's ignore the movie and bring back the TV show, start off where the last episode left off. Can't we do that? We can just show one of the characters waking up from a very bad dream - it worked for JR. It's not that I didn't like the movie, it's just that it destroyed the show - who can imagine a ship without the those characters?

That's my rant for today, enjoy!!

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August 01, 2007

Big News Day

Hi all friends! I am glad those of you living in Minneapolis and Saint Paul are alive. I was worried for a few minutes, it took me over 6 calls to get through to my best friend (LoWriter) and I tried to get ahold of a good friend (Dr G) in Chicago and it was even busy there! My phone eventually died and I couldn't even try to call anybody else. I care about all of you though!

I feel selfish if I starting writing the update that was planned. So I will end this post here and pray for the injured, dead, and families of both involved in this tragedy.

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