October 31, 2006

Behold, Creativity!

I have crafted my first pumpkin! Granted, I have been involved in festivities when I was much younger, like 22 years younger, where pumpkins were carved. But this is my first time carving my very own personal pumpkin, though to be fair it was both Scott and mine. This is a bad picture, and it is of a pumpkin and a cat.

It is Halloween today, and I am sure most of my friends are engaged in all sorts of pagan rituals. Actually, I am not sure most or all or, really, any are engaged in any sort of ritual. I will be engaged in an ancient ritual myself, handing out candy. Also known as eating more candy than you hand out until you make yourself sick. I can't wait until I have my own kids and get to go through their candy when they aren't looking. My brother and I always seemed to candy rather quickly, although I only remember trick'er'treating once. And I got the BEST popcorn ball, back when you could hand out home made treats.

Here is my scary image of the day: the two headed kitten!! Of course for even scarier images head over to kitten wars, the bloodbath is unbelievable!

Happy Halloween! Does anybody happen to be dressed up today? I am a 1960's secretary, which is pretty close to what I really do.

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October 25, 2006

Book Lover's Club

Lately my friends and I have been talking about starting an online book club where we read the book and contribute to the discussion about the chapters online. We are thinking about a month for each book, depending on what is going on and we will probably be having an ongoing discussion about whatever the next book we are reading is. I am super excited for it to start! We have the first book all picked out, The Thirteenth Tale, which we are officially starting on the 30th. And we even started a Google group to discuss the books, we are just waiting for everybody to join and go from there.

Interestingly enough, I heard a L. Ron Hubbard (creator of Scientology) quote: "I'm going to invent a religion that's going to make me a fortune. I'm tired of writing for a penny a word." Too bad he's not alive to enjoy his current fortune. However, I am still puzzeling why someone would believe a religion that appears to be created for no other reason than money. Plus I have a hard time believing evil lord (overlord?) Xenu stuffed a bunch of aliens in a volcano and exploded them with hydrogen bombs and these are what cause all mental and physical problems today. Wait - I know that plot - it's called Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within!

Is anybody else waiting impatiently for Stranger Than Fiction to come out? I am thrilled it is almost here! November 10th, you should all go see (I say, having not seen it myself.)

What are you looking forward to?

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October 22, 2006

Messaging Instantly

So after moving into a house that has constant and fast internet (I love Comcast), I have occasionally been hanging around online looking for things to do. I have created profiles on myspace, facebook, and hung around on AIM, but there just doesn't seem to be many of my friends online (a few, just not all). Now either this is because I wasn't online very often in the past two years and everybody has changed their names, or changed their messanger service. So clue me in, if you've changed your name, if you have changed your service, or if you just don't chat online anymore.

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October 18, 2006

Dove's Campaign

This video is very interesting. It shows a real model and what she may go through to become what you see in the magazine or in the billboard. It is amazing that, not only do none of us have the time in the morning to look like this, but that even she physically doesn't look like that.

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October 15, 2006

Successful Walk

Today I completed my Making Strides walk for the American Cancer Society, for Breast Cancer Support. It was fun, in a rainy uphill kind of way. We walked in Bellevue and, seriously, all of us thought it was a flat walk. You should've heard us whine during the first hill: "I thought Bellevue was flat" and "Next time I need to see a topographical map before I agree to do this". It was poring here today and slightly cold. However, I did get a free pink bag and could've gotten free Swedish fish (courtesy of Swedish Hospital).

Thank you for everybody who donated to the cause! Thank you so much, and I am sorry I couldn't drag any of you out here to walk with me. It would've been fun!

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October 13, 2006

My Friday

There is nothing in the world like Friday, Friday is a wonderful day. It is named after the German goddess of beauty, Frigga (modern day the name would be Freyja, what a name for a girl!). If we took our name for this day of the week from Latin it would more closely resemble vendredi or viernes (French and Spanish respectively) and that is name after Venus, of course, the Roman goddess of beauty (Aphrodite in Greek).

So I hope those random facts find you well on this beautiful Friday and that it isn't snowing where you are. My Friday has been slightly marred by the fact that certain headlines on msn and msnbc decided to give away Grey's Anatomy plotline from last night. Seriously people, some of us have a DVR and prefer to watch our shows with plotline intact!! At least save it for the article instead of 'No McBaby for Meredith' and 'After Appendectomy Meredith Chooses McDreamy'; now what do I have to look forward too? Just an hour of staring at Burke and McDreamy I suppose... dammit...

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October 06, 2006

Rome, Season I

I have finally finished all the episodes of Season I of Rome, all XII episodes. It is a great show, although those who don't like wholesale nudity and extreme violence are cautioned away from watching it. Overall I thought it was a very realistic portrayal of Roman life, there are some inaccuracies and, once I was done with watching all the episodes, I went back and read online all the inaccuracies in the episodes. (It is a great thing to have discovered Wikipedia.)

I can't wait until the next season comes up, it begins in January 2007 on HBO. Unfortunately I do not have HBO at my house and I am not about to purchase it for one "small" show. So perhaps I will catch up on the show during next winter when it might be out on DVD. The only bummer is that the second season will be the last. I understand why this is, they sped through much of the events over the last ten years in Season I (I won't point out all the wars they could've gone deeper into).

If you get a chance and you like history and don't mind nudity and violence, check it out! (Does that have enough qualifiers?)

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October 03, 2006

A Certain Show

Sometimes working for a major hotel chain pays off; okay, I'll admit that most of the time it pays off and rather handsomely too. However, it pays off in unexpected ways. Sure there is the usual $50 dollar room nights in very nice hotels that normally run upward of $200, and free food every day (though not always free cookies, which sometimes I would like). Then, occasionally, you get to see your favorite Seattle based show filming. If you don't know my favorite Seattle based show, then perhaps you have been living under a rock for a while.

So two particularly hot male actors, who are also stars on this show, were filming in the street outside of my hotel. We were in a shot even, which will probably be cut and probably make the actors hate us forever because they had to re-do it. They only noticed during playback and then pointed at us in the window, whoops! Ahhhh, I am a little starstruck, but it was fun to be that close to filming! They certainly didn't look like they had it too hard, except that they were outside filming in the middle of the street and it is kinda cold. But they had coats, I don't pity them too much, but I like sitting in my chair in my climate controlled office more than I like standing around outside.

If I get some pictures, I will post them.

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October 01, 2006

Cancer Walk

As my mom mentioned, I am walking for Breast Cancer, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, on October 15th. If you would like to see my personal page please click here. You can feel free to donate, but please don't feel obligated, I have no minimum to reach. I would urge you to participate in your own area though!

Have a wonderful beginning of the week!

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