September 24, 2006

News Worthy

The problem with life right now is that there is so little to report. So here is the week in review as well as what I am looking forward to in coming week:

Grey's Anatomy: I don't know why I am so addicted, but I am. The season opener was great, but I have to say the death of Denny lost some of it's sting in the long summer break. Although I probably shouldn't admit to how hard I did cry when he died, it was a pretty pathetic to a TV show. Also, just so everybody is aware, the story line was completely improbable, the bubonic plague is only spread person to person during widespread epidemics and pandemics. In fact it wasn't until 1994 that the plague was even believed to spread person to person despite evidence in the historical record that it had. What proved it was the 1994 outbreak in India where the plague mutated and did spread person to person; otherwise, however, it only spreads if and when you come in contact with an infected flea. The flea jumps from the animal it is inhabiting, tries to bite you, evacuates the contents of it's stomach as it disengages from you body, hence infecting you with the plague. Yum! Of course you can always look it up on Wikipedia. Other than that completely improbable storyline, it was great.

I find that I need to plug a show coming up. I did see an add for it on TV and I thought it looked very interesting, so I would like everybody to tune in for the show Ugly Betty, it is a rather The Devil Wears Prada story (although it predates that), but without the main character giving up herself in pursuit of something "better". Instead, she loves and accepts herself the way she is, I am just happy for a damn good role model. Hopefully the show will live up to it's potential and it will stay on the air!

SEAHAWKS are playing as I write this and are currently up 14-0 with two false starts against the Giants. This past week has created a firestorm of controversy after the Giants alleged that we somehow pipe noise to make our crowd louder. Read about it here, of course the common Seattle response, be louder than ever. Hopefully we will scream our lungs out at them this time, and then the Giants will rack up more than their last 11 false starts they had last time they played at Qwest field.

In other news, supposedly Bin Laden is dead (we wish), and Clinton went off on Fox News Sunday about his handling of Bin Laden. I haven't seen the whole show (I think it comes out officially today, but it's been out on YouTube). Sounds interesting, but I think it is something we shouldn't be focusing on. Who cares about who is to blame, what we need to focus on is what to do next. It just reminds me of the South Park episode making fun of Katrina, poor Kyle asks his parents 'Isn't anybody going to help those people?' and his parents, who are washing dishes, say 'First we have to figure out who is to blame.' Seriously people, if you all you want is a scapegoat just find one, because the truth is all of us are to blame, whatever your political belief is. We just didn't focus on it until 'critical mass', and now we are trying to patch a cracked dam. Focus on fixing it and historians can worry about who's fault it is 100 years from now (or at least 60), and then we all won't give a damn.

On the plus side, one of my coworkers asked me about Marie Antoniette and whether she was a horrible person, and then I came up with an amazing analogy. Marie Antoniette wasn't horrible and mean spirited, she was under-educated (dumb) and selfish. She was the Paris Hilton of the age, except that she was also the Queen, which was a slight problem. Marie's most famous quote was 'Let them eat cake', when asked how to solve the Parisians food problem. Basically it's like putting Paris Hilton in charge of a third world country and then asking her how to solve their hunger problem: her response would be 'Uh, duh, they can just go to Wendy's and order of the .99 cent menu right." I thought it was quite brillant.

I hope you are having a great week, and I apologize for being so long winded.

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September 19, 2006

My Quizz Is Sick

Last night my poor little kitty (ok so he is 13.1 pounds, so perhaps not little) was wandering around meowing like his butt was on fire. I was very very worried he was sick, and as it was 7:15pm I decided it was now or never to get him into a vet. I don't have a vet in my area and I didn't want to take him to an emergerency room (because that would be hideously expensive). I opened up superpages and looked up vets in my area and proceeded to call around until I found an open one. After explaining the symptoms I was told to come in and ran my kitty over there. He was examined, which he seemed to really enjoy (haha), and diagnosed with a small bladder infection. Then I was taught how to shove a pill down a kitty's throat, and today I have actually succeeded in doing it twice!

Quizz is feeling much better today, which is very encouraging. What isn't encouraging is looking forward to many more pills, probably at least 7 days worth, and hoping that it isn't an ongoing problem as it can be in some male (or formerly male) cats.

That's the exciting news for right now!

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September 03, 2006

Childhood Cartoons

Some of you heard me talk about two of the cartoons I remember the most from my childhood. One was The Last Unicorn, which was re-released on DVD recently and which my step daughter has a copy of, since she likes unicorns like every normal girl. The other was a movie I have talked about as being possibly one of the most violent cartoons I saw as a child. In the movie a small lamb witnesses the death of his mother by the hands (mouth?) of a wolf, in desperation he follows to wolf to kill him and when he finds himself unable to kill the wolf, he demands to be the wolf's apprentice. In the end the lamb... well perhaps I will let you want it yourself. I have found the name of the cartoon, with the help of the internet, it was called The Ringing Bell in English but was known as Chirin's Bell in Japanese. It is an early anime and even watching it today online it is the smooth lines and easy transitions of anime and doesn't run like a 1978 movie it is.

If you have 45 minutes and you want to watch a very moving cartoon I would highly reccommend it. Go online to YouTube (if you don't know what that is - shame on you) and look up 'Ringing Bell / Chirin's Bell' posted by sirengarg. The clips run in this order (sorry they aren't in order online): Chirin Intro, Chirin's Mother, The Wolf Comes Calling, Revenge, Chirin's First Hunt, The Wolf Showing off His Mad Skills, Why Do The Weak Have To Die?, Chirin's Training, Home Again.

It will probably make you cry, or maybe it's just me. I guess I feel like this cartoon explains a lot of me. I watched this as a child of 6 or 7, which is perhaps to young for most, but it made a big impact. Hope you enjoy!

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