January 31, 2006

You Know You Are In Seattle When...

...the sun comes out and you are completely blinded by the bright round thing in the sky. Seriously, it's not nice to shine bright lights in peoples eyes when they aren't expecting it. I couldn't see where I was walking yesterday! (I was walking directly into the sun, if that makes it better)

...when you are getting sued by Texas A & M and you are pissed about it. If they make us take down the 12 flags and we lose I will beat up the next Aggie I meet. Why do I know they are called Aggies? I have no idea...

...the Starbucks you are ordering from directs another customer to the Starbucks 'one block up on the left' because they don't have what he is looking for. I joke you not!

...when you've only been working at your new job for six weeks and you are experiencing severe caffine withdrawls symptoms on the weekend. I don't drink THAT much coffee!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

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January 24, 2006


The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl! I am sure you all care deeply, but this is a big thing for Seattle - it's our first Superbowl appearance ever and we've had some heartbreaking years. For those of you who didn't watch us shut down the Caroline Pathers on Sunday, you missed a good game. Especially when you got to watch us shut down Delahomme and Smith, who proceeded to throw fits on the sidelines, but gave us the ball a few times (thanks guys!). I am very excited to watch the Superbowl this year even though the Hawks are not favored, even though we were the number one seed going in and the Steelers were the number six seed AND we have more players that have been to a Superbowl (six to the Steelers one). Seriously, just because the Steelers won three in 1970 doesn't mean they are going to beat us (please, God, please don't let them beat us!).

So onto more exciting topics, like riding the bus. Yesterday I was smushed into a bus with other passangers like so many sardines. Then the bus driver proceeded to turn the heat on full blast and the guy standing behind me was a mouth breather (it took all my might not to punch him in the throat). Once we were getting into Seattle I started feeling mighty faint, which was pleasant. All I focused on was 'don't pass out because someone will call the amblelance and you have no health care', which worked for me as I didn't actually lose conciousness. When your whole body is practically numb you are probably experiencing a low blood pressure moment, but I am fine and I managed to work through the day after eating some breakfast.

So I hope you have all been having a wonderful new year! Mine has been awfully busy and I have seen a few movies which hopefully I will review soon. Have a wonderful day!

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January 06, 2006

Greatest Weakness / New Year Resolution

In my quest for a possible New Year's Resolution that I won't keep I have gone through a list of my weaknesses in search of what I could resolve to do better. One thing stands out far and above the rest this year - by 'getting back' skills could use some improvement.

I know, most of you are thinking 'just some!?!, how about a lot!'. Perhaps this is a personal failing, but I think it is merely shear laziness, like not cleaning out the catbox for two weeks (not that I've done that... yet). It's not that I don't want to talk to my friends and family, it's only it takes way too much effort to pick up the phone and call, or to drive to the library and write an email. I need to be goaded into getting my act together and getting everything in order.

For all of my friends who haven't gotten timely calls back or haven't heard from me at all for days on end - I apologize. It isn't that I hate you, I probably don't (haha), I just am a lazy person who doesn't make time to keep in touch. I resolve to make more phone calls and write more emails and generally keep my friends in the loop on my life. I do love you all and I hope you are beginning a wonderful new year!!

What is your New Year Resolution?

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