December 31, 2005

Santa Claus

During Christmas I got into a discussion with my mom about Santa Claus. She told me about how her parents (my grandparents) never told her that Santa Claus wasn't real. In fact she asked when she was around 8 years old and they insisted he was real and then, when she caught them carrying in presents late at night and told them 'see I told you Santa wasn't real', they still insisted he was real. She was never officially told that Santa wasn't real and when she spoke with her mother about it many years later her mother said it was an attempt to extend her childhood. (This is just an example of how to make a dysfunctional family - please feel free to be creative when creating your own however.)

This being the backdrop she managed to tell me that Santa wasn't real the first time I ever asked, which was when I was 4 years old. Now, don't worry, I wasn't upset because I still got presents. But I was one of the few children in second grade who wasn't whispering in shocked voices about how Santa wasn't real - I already knew. However, I have wondered how children adjust to the shock of finding this out. Do you feel your parents have betrayed you? Did your parents tell you or did you find out on the schoolyard? Have you ever been told (sorry for ruining your innocence)? So please, one and all, share how and when you found out Santa wasn't real and if you have ever gotten over the shock.

And Happy New Year!!

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December 24, 2005

What Is In A Name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I was never able to believe it. A rose just wouldn't smell as sweet if it was called a skunk cabbage or a thisel.

If you know that quote I would say you probably have a high concentration of estrogen in your bloodstream. If I quoted it wrong I do apologize, but that's what I remember.

What is in a name? Well when looking for a new position this fall I discovered that one interviewer googled my name and read all about me. While I don't believe most interviewers would be so gauche as to bring this up in an interview (outside of the person who interviewed me), I do believe that most interviewers will try and find out all about you - and that includes looking on the internet. So may I please request that if you have me listed under my full name that you change it to 10lees, 10ley or some other non common variation of my first name. This will also ensure that you will get juicy posts since I will have no link to myself...

I hope that all are having a very Merry Christmas and are spending a warm time with family and friends tonight!!

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December 16, 2005

First Week of Work

This week I started my new job and it was very, very exciting. I feel really great about the position I have and the company I am working for. Currently I am taking the bus into work and walking from the stop to my job; the great thing is that the bus picks me up right outside my house in the morning so I don't even use my car except for exciting outings! It is going well and the excersize is good for me - right??

However here are some things I have learned in the first week:

1. No matter how comfortable your three inch heels are you will still injure yourself if you walk a few miles in them. How did Carrie on Sex and the City do it??

2. If it is cold you probably need gloves, red mittens are not sophisticated.

3. I cannot read on the bus, it makes me incredibly car sick. Hopefully, this will shift because currently I am completely bored.

4. I do need coffee if I wake up at 5:30am.

I hope you are all doing well, I will be better about posting... I swear...

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December 03, 2005

In California

Hello everybody, I am in California visiting my brother and his wife, which is a lot of fun. We had an uneventful drive down even with the load of snow that has mysteriously appeared up north in Oregon and Washington. I will be here for a few days, actually until next Tuesday, during which time I will endeavor not to drive anybody crazy.

I am very excited to be here though because I will get to visit Kohl's (yay!) and I have already visited In and Out Burgers. Now I have to think of other brands I won't have the chance to visit and get them in now too, anyone have a suggestion?

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