November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving & Birthday

My Thanksgiving day was enjoyable. My mom put in the turkey around 11am and then my step dad pushed us out the door towards Big Lots! Which is where we willingly ended up. That's right - on Thanksgiving day. When we returned home around 1:30pm the turkey was finished and it was a race to complete the preparations for dinner. It was only the three of us, we all pitched in and in no time were sitting down to dinner.

On my 26th birthday, yes I am getting old, my mom and I went and watched the movie Pride & Prejudice. It was good, though Keira Knightley is so thin her chest seems concave. Then we went to downtown Seattle for some shopping and absorbsion of the holiday spirit. We did succeed in spending money and drinking Starbucks Hot Chocolate and absorbing Christmas spirit. We drove home, stopped a few more places, and arrived home with a cake (albeit not a Baskin and Robbin's Ice Cream Cake - sniff).

Then I drove down south to meet up with my boyfriend and he took me to see the movie Walk The Line, also good though perhaps a bit of a let down after all the hype. (It reminds me never to believe the hype, therefore I know Narnia will suck in hopes that it will be good.)

I did get great presents and many thanks to all who called to wish me a Happy Birthday, I didn't get a chance to answer all my phone calls this weekend because I was a bit busy. However I will get a chance to call all of you back if I haven't already. Enjoy the rest of your four day weekend!

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November 22, 2005

I Quit

There are some days at your job where, inevitably, you would like to say those two words. Perhaps you are looking to achieve sanity again, or perhaps you love your job but it's just a bit stressful, or perhaps you are looking to grow in your career and the only way to do that is to move on. Whatever my reason, I did say those two words yesterday to my current employer. Actually, I probably said 'here is my two week notice', which was followed by a buyout offer, which I readily accepted. (I am not starting my new position though since I had a family vacation planned and it would be hard to start one week, take one week off and then start again...)

So today I sit here at the library writing this little entry to let all my friends know that I have moved on and taken the next career step. I know that my blog has lacked that personal touch recently, and mostly it is because I have been searching for the right position for TWO AND A HALF months. I definitely knew what I wanted to pursue, and I was a close second on two positions previously. However, the position that I have found plays to my strengths and definitely will help me gain further skills in my career path, I am so excited - but I will not tell you where it is. (but if you call me I will oblige)

To all out there who are looking, or may be looking in the future, please remember it takes time to get the job you may really want. And it is very disappointing in the meantime, like when you lose jobs you think you really really want... eventually you'll get something you really really want with extra nice people thrown in. (or at least I did, haha!)

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November 13, 2005

Mark Spragg & Gish Jen

Today I went with my coworker and saw two authors talk about reading and writing at 3rd Place Books in Lake Forest. It was an amazing talk, both of them are amazing writers and it was great to see the two different (but yet similar) ways they write. I was gifted with a proof of Mark Spragg's An Unfinished Life by my coworker and then got it signed (I felt bad however as I couldn't afford a copy of his book today and they do not recieve money from proofs - or resells). His book was recently made into a movie starring Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, and Jennifer Lopez; when asked what it was like to have a movie made he said 'it is like banging a cheerleader, sure to be a dissapointment'. Which I have to admit, is one of the funniest lines I have heard in a long time.

Gish Jen has written a few books, some of her more famous appearing to be Mona in the Promised Land and Who's Irish. I did purchase her most recent book, The Love Wife, I could not deny myself a copy after hearing her read from it. Now I have to get really down to reading as I have a stack by my bed of books I should be reading - instead of all the books I am currently re-reading as security blankents.

I also was given a two proofs by the publisher for attending the event, these are Above the Thunder by Renee Manfredi and babyji by Abha Dawesar. I will let you know how all of these books are eventually - though my comments are probably more likely to be on LoWriter's blog than this one.

I am adding to my collection of signed books, now I have FOUR!! I am excited to begin this book collection adventure!

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November 10, 2005

How's Your Day?

Everyday I am asked this question, and everyday I ponder how I should answer. Sometimes I am having a great day, sometimes I'm not, however whenever I'm not I sing a little ditty to myself that keeps me going - although it does sound corny when I write it out...

it's just takes some time, little girl
you're in the middle of the ride
everything, everything will be just fine
everything, everything will be alright, alright

Some of you may recognize that ditty as Jimmy Eat World's the middle, others may just think I'm really cheesy... but I can probably live with that assessment and those that know me probably already know I am cheesy.

I promise a meaningful blog entry will be coming (hopefully) soon. Just wanted you to all know I am still alive!

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November 03, 2005

It's Hard To Say

How proud I am of Bleaus!! Check out this link: on yahoo. All credit goes to Mooney via Joe Buck's blog. Not that all my other ITS students aren't doing great jobs, but there is just something special about seeing one of them standing next to the leader of the free world on the news...

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November 01, 2005

Christmas Season Starts

Guess what everybody? It's almost that wonderful time of year again! That's right - my birthday!! Oh, and Thanksgiving and Christmas... so here is a list of things you should buy me (or you should send me a card) because I am nice*:

The book Julie and Julia
A gift certificate to a bookstore of some kind (preferably one I can get to)
The Emperor's New Groove (Disney Movie on DVD) or Pride & Prejudice on DVD (the A&E recent version)
A gift certificate to a variety of places including Ulta, Gap, Old Navy, & Target.
An item from any of the above mentioned stores (use your imagination).
Jewelry - I got a fish bracelet one year and I loved it!
Shoes! I am an 8.5 shoe size. They do have to be cute.
Isotoner slippers the ballet kind
A Starbucks gift card - yummy!!
A file cabinet (purchased from Goodwill is perfectly acceptable)
A wall calendar for 2006.
A card that tells me Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas (hopefully for the appropriate holiday ).
Anything else you think I would appreciate - like warm socks or new underwears!

So please hustle out and buy me stuff. Tis the season after all. I do believe that November 1st is the day when it is socially acceptable for me to put up Christmas decorations and start eating lots of gingerbread. Then the next step is wrapping presents and I love doing it!! First I have to buy the presents, and do lots of shopping. Enjoy the season!

Oh and Happy All Saints Day!

*nice defined as will be pleasant upon receipt of gifts.

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