August 29, 2005

State Fair

I took a couple of days off for my mom's birthday and we went to the State Fair again! We had a lot of fun, mainly just shopping around and eating food... honestly, what else is a State Fair for? I don't think there is anything else.

I do have a plug for someone I saw there, Gerry Lamarre is a wildlife photographer who uses a traditional camera instead of a digital camera. (Basically he does it the right way... yeah, say what you will, you all know it's true!) His pictures are AMAZING, there is no other way to say it. He has great aniaml pictures and they are amazing! AMAZING. Have I mentioned they are amazing? (they look more amazing in person, let me tell you.) Check it out at:

Also, speaking of animal pictures, as Dr Gonzo requested here is the newest picture of Quizz. Check out how big and fat and obnoxious... I mean big he is! And I have to wake up every morning with him laying on me, sticking his wet nose in my face, and meowing for food. Ah, what a sweet kitty cat...

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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August 25, 2005

Alias Update

There are rumors flying about the TV show Alias this summer, especially with Jennifer Garner finally admitting that she is married to Ben Affleck, and they are having a little one sometime in the near future. This had lead to more rumors that Jennifer Garner is leaving the show after this season and will be replaced by another lead female spy, one who is joining the cast this season. To me this seems slightly ridiculous because they have built the entire plot around Sydney Bristow. What happens to the prophecy? What about her father, will he still be in the show? One gossip columnist suggested the creators should leave Ron Rifkin and Victor Garber to run the show instead of replacing the 'female spy' role - not a bad suggestion!

Further rumors have revealed that Michael Vartan will be leaving the show this season and shot his last scene on August 17th. I am sad! Granted, the scenes between him and Garner were completely lacking in all chemistry, but I am not sure how I feel about him leaving the show completely.

In other bad news it is a definite that Greg Grunberg is leaving the show. WHAT?? This cannot be!! He is going back to comedy, and truly his is one of the comic relief characters on the show. He was always good for a wisecrack and his death will be 'dramatic' apparently. Damn them, actually damn Greg for leaving! (Not really, I'll watch any other show he does.)

All in all, are there any reasons left to watch the show? Other than to watch all the characters die off? Anyone want to keep me updated instead of me actually having to watch it? For some reason they have now moved the show to Thursday at 8pm (7pm CST) and that directly conflicts with my work, which I already moved to accommodate their schedule. I hope they decide to die a graceful death instead of dragging the agony on...

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August 20, 2005

Writer's Block

I have a best friend who says that writer's block is just an excuse to be lazy and that it doesn't actually exist. I would have to agree with that sentiment, though I do have other excuses as to why I haven't been updating my blog as much as I should be. Here they are:

Excuse 1: Nobody really wants to hear about my boyfriend, and I really don't want to post things that are super personal on my website. But here is a quick update: I took him to a work bowling party with my coworkers and he introduced me to his coworkers at bar after work (a very country bar, very different from what I've even been in, reminded me of the movie Roadhouse, which I probably shouldn't admit I've ever watched...). Both of us made sparkling impressions on each other's coworkers, but that's only because we are just that awesome!

Excuse 2: Work is hard to write about because you never know who is going to see your blog online. Suffice to say that I love what I do because I have always wanted to be a counselor. I help graduates get entry level jobs and that is exciting! Their success makes me so happy, even though they are making more than me most of the time. A boss at work happens to be possibly the [edited for content], but I can't really delve into that in depth.

Excuse 3: Family is... all doing well, my mom had a bit of a scare with her Hepatitis C and hypothyroidism, but it all turned out to not be a problem. We do have an addition as Christy and Roland are getting married so I will have a sister finally! This is very exciting for them, and CONGRATULATIONS as all of us are thrilled for them, however we do wish they would move to our state... hint, hint you two!

Excuse 4: I have no friends which to write about on here, but I am going to a wedding tomorrow to see a friend and ex-coworker from Evil Coffee Corp. get married! It is exciting, but I am dreading going now because I don't know any of her friends or family that well even though I have been to her bridal party and to a bbq on the 4th of July. I am apparently not good at making friends, I am better at making friends with outsider than being an outsider and having to make friends. Perhaps that is because I feel it is the responsibility of the people in the friend group to make overtures... however I suppose I am getting off topic...

Excuse 5: Quizz is really big now and I have to go home to feed him giant slabs of meat every night or he bites me... ok not really, but he is about 14 pounds and fuzzy. I hope to have pictures soon because I have inherited the used digital camera from my mom and step dad!

That's all I got, peace out yo!

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August 12, 2005

Office Space Sequel?

The other day I was in Blockbuster and it had a special section set up for 'see the original before you see the sequel' section. You know what movie was sitting in that space? That's right OFFICE SPACE! I was quite amazed, I mean is there anything you can do that will make that movie better? Also, I have heard that the creator thinks a sequel just would ruin the original. Nevertheless, I will still see a sequel if they bring one out, though my work life is like my own personal Office Space movie. Anyway, I googled (strange that googled is a verb now) for information, but alas did not find anything. Has anybody else?

Also, to answer my bro's question of about a year ago, yes the Scrubs theme song is a full length. I rented the first season's first 16 episodes and they have the music video for the theme as one of the bonus features. It's not very good, it seems like they made the song around the 'I'm no superman' hook. That and I've never heard of the band; maybe they were hoping to pull a Friends theme like fame.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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August 08, 2005

Coffee Quiz

Of course this is going around:

You Are a Frappacino
At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you're craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low

What Kind of Coffee Are You?

Ha! I am sweet, you all just don't recognize!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day, and I miss my sweet sweet Caramel Coolers from Caribou. (hint, hint, you should fly me over and buy me one!)

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August 04, 2005

Water Knomes

Water knomes reside in a wide variety of places, splashing water to and fro like little water snakes, they destroy entire ecosystems with their wild abandon. There seems to be little we can do to protect our ecosystems, but I have a plan! The ecosystem I am referring to is the public bathroom sink top, I protest the splashing and leaving of water so that when you lean against the sink to wash your hands you get a wet spot on yourself from the left over water.

Now this may seem like purely a personal problem, but I always wipe down the counter when I splash water, and I assume everybody else is as polite. (Of course this is not possible in restrooms that do not provide paper towels.) Therefore I have nobody to blame but the water knomes... I am sure this is their plan:

1. Splash Water
2. Get everybody's clothes wet
3. Install 'need to pay' dryers
4. Profit!!

They are so clever they don't even need the question marks before the profits!! Please share your thoughts on how we can rid the world of these little knomes!!

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