August 25, 2005

Alias Update

There are rumors flying about the TV show Alias this summer, especially with Jennifer Garner finally admitting that she is married to Ben Affleck, and they are having a little one sometime in the near future. This had lead to more rumors that Jennifer Garner is leaving the show after this season and will be replaced by another lead female spy, one who is joining the cast this season. To me this seems slightly ridiculous because they have built the entire plot around Sydney Bristow. What happens to the prophecy? What about her father, will he still be in the show? One gossip columnist suggested the creators should leave Ron Rifkin and Victor Garber to run the show instead of replacing the 'female spy' role - not a bad suggestion!

Further rumors have revealed that Michael Vartan will be leaving the show this season and shot his last scene on August 17th. I am sad! Granted, the scenes between him and Garner were completely lacking in all chemistry, but I am not sure how I feel about him leaving the show completely.

In other bad news it is a definite that Greg Grunberg is leaving the show. WHAT?? This cannot be!! He is going back to comedy, and truly his is one of the comic relief characters on the show. He was always good for a wisecrack and his death will be 'dramatic' apparently. Damn them, actually damn Greg for leaving! (Not really, I'll watch any other show he does.)

All in all, are there any reasons left to watch the show? Other than to watch all the characters die off? Anyone want to keep me updated instead of me actually having to watch it? For some reason they have now moved the show to Thursday at 8pm (7pm CST) and that directly conflicts with my work, which I already moved to accommodate their schedule. I hope they decide to die a graceful death instead of dragging the agony on...

Posted by 10lees at August 25, 2005 08:13 PM