August 04, 2005

Water Knomes

Water knomes reside in a wide variety of places, splashing water to and fro like little water snakes, they destroy entire ecosystems with their wild abandon. There seems to be little we can do to protect our ecosystems, but I have a plan! The ecosystem I am referring to is the public bathroom sink top, I protest the splashing and leaving of water so that when you lean against the sink to wash your hands you get a wet spot on yourself from the left over water.

Now this may seem like purely a personal problem, but I always wipe down the counter when I splash water, and I assume everybody else is as polite. (Of course this is not possible in restrooms that do not provide paper towels.) Therefore I have nobody to blame but the water knomes... I am sure this is their plan:

1. Splash Water
2. Get everybody's clothes wet
3. Install 'need to pay' dryers
4. Profit!!

They are so clever they don't even need the question marks before the profits!! Please share your thoughts on how we can rid the world of these little knomes!!

Posted by 10lees at August 4, 2005 08:08 AM