August 12, 2005

Office Space Sequel?

The other day I was in Blockbuster and it had a special section set up for 'see the original before you see the sequel' section. You know what movie was sitting in that space? That's right OFFICE SPACE! I was quite amazed, I mean is there anything you can do that will make that movie better? Also, I have heard that the creator thinks a sequel just would ruin the original. Nevertheless, I will still see a sequel if they bring one out, though my work life is like my own personal Office Space movie. Anyway, I googled (strange that googled is a verb now) for information, but alas did not find anything. Has anybody else?

Also, to answer my bro's question of about a year ago, yes the Scrubs theme song is a full length. I rented the first season's first 16 episodes and they have the music video for the theme as one of the bonus features. It's not very good, it seems like they made the song around the 'I'm no superman' hook. That and I've never heard of the band; maybe they were hoping to pull a Friends theme like fame.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Posted by 10lees at August 12, 2005 07:22 AM