June 14, 2007

The Magic Bullet

So I have spoken about my search for the 'magic bullet' when it comes to getting ride of my acne. Now I've tried several things, in fact before the wedding I was using a combination of Neutrogena's Acne Mark Fading Peel and Neutrogena's Blackhead Removing Peel (no longer available). It was pretty intense regimen as I was doing one of the two every other day. By the time I got to my wedding I was feeling like I was going to break out any moment, but I didn't on my wedding day! After that I ended up relaxing my regimen in an effort to encourage a breakout, just to get it out of my system. My face exploded, for lack of a better word, with pimples. And it would not go away. Since January I have been trying out a few, very expensive, items to get rid of my acne. While it isn't 100% gone, it is gone enough. I can deal with three small pimples, I can't deal with 10 huge ones.

First stop: Bliss's Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, it's amazing and gentle, it also lasts a long time because you are buying 8 ounces of it. There are other Bliss products that work more strongly on acne, but this one works for me just fine. (and it's cheaper than those other ones)

Then I changed my lotion to Hope In A Jar by Philosophy, it is not pleasant smelling, but it is very light and doesn't leave your skin too greasy or too dry. For an acne killer I was using Philosophy's On A Clear Day. This combination worked very, very well and got my skin to be clear again. However, once it was clear, I noticed that the On A Clear Day would leave my skin with very tiny pimples, it was just a little too harsh for my skin. I do still use it if I see a bigger pimple started.

So I switched to Boscia's Willowbark Breakout Treatment, which is AMAZING. It is sealed in it's container and doesn't dry my skin out while keeping it fairly clear. I like it soo much, I probably can't live without it at this point.

Also, I switched face lotion on the insistance of my hubby, because he couldn't stand the smell of the other (I agree with him, it's stinky). Murad's Skin Perfecting Lotion has become my regular lotion. It is excellent and not greasy at all. I like it better than Philosophy's Hope In A Jar, and not just because of the smell, it does seem to moisturize my skin better.

Now I do realize I spend more of my face than most people do (although I don't have to buy it very often). I believe most people have wonderful drug store brands that are working for them, and while I still use drug store blush, I just can't trust them with my facial cleasing anymore. So I spend the money, and enjoy my (mostly) clear face.

And yes, bran, I drink lots of water every day!

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June 09, 2007

New Couches!

As most of you know, if you read this blog at all, we got new couches!! They were delivered yesterday to great acclaim by all in the house. To get the full effect of what we have done, I invite you to view the old couches here: old couch number 1 and old couch number 2. Aren't they hideous? We actually kept the white one, but it's in the front room and looks ok in there (we have blue walls in the front room). (And yes, my house was dirty in these pictures).

Onto the NEW couches, as I mentioned before they are amazingly comfortable. I am especially digging having a recliner again (I heart recliners), so without further ado here are the new couches: Gracie and Roland. Aren't they comfortable looking??

Now, I understand that for some reason one of our walls looks really dirty in the picture. I assure you I cannot see that in real life (probably cause I'm not looking at that wall, ever again(haha)) and we're going to paint it eventually anyway. Also, the red curtain on the door was purchased to match the couch and the purple scarfs will be replaced soon, hopefully with matching red ones.

Which brings me to a question, why in the heck is the curtain (84") only $19.99 and the scarfs (which are 6 feet or 72") are $39.99? This doesn't make any sense at all, I am very very tempted to purchase a curtain and just use it as a scarf, I mean, who's going to notice? It's a piece of red fabric!

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June 05, 2007

Getting Crapped On

Literally. I was out enjoying the lovely Seattle sunshine on Friday and what should happen? That's right, a bird crapped on me. It wasn't great, to say the least, but it wasn't the worst that could've happened. For example: it didn't land in my hair (instead on my sweater), I was wearing a tank under the sweater and had a spare dress jacket in my office. It was my first experience getting crapped on, and hopefully my last!

Scott and I were able to watch the Spelling Bee last week, and shame on you if you missed it! It was great, a nail biter to the very end. You can always watch a good movie like Spellbound, if you need motivation to watch the Bee. These kids are crazy spellers!

Other than that, the week is going well! Our couches arrive on Friday, so look for some pictures then.

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