May 27, 2007

Big Purchases!

I mentioned before, but Scott and I had found a wonderful couch that we wanted to purchase at La-Z-Boy. Today we went back to show the kids the couch, which they liked despite it not being an 'L-shaped' couch (ie a sectional). They had a Memorial Day Sale going on and they prices were very good, we decided to look around for a second couch, as we wanted a second one that wasn't as expensive. Well we ended up going with a recliner couch for the second couch, which seems appropriate since we were buying for La-Z-Boy. We ended up with the Gracie model in a cream microfiber and the recliner couch Roland model in a burgandy microfiber. Oddly we have couches names after my relatives (cousin and brother respectively). While they don't really look alike, they are both very comfy and that's all that really matters in a family room. I am hoping to take 'before and after' pictures, those will be up in June when the couches are delivered!

I saw Shrek The Third on Friday night, and unfortunately wouldn't reccommend it. I suspect most people will go see it, but wait for DVD if you can. It was a completely disapointing story, actually there isn't much of a story at all, and the characters are pretty bland on the third go-round.

Happy Memorial Day weekend - I hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

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May 22, 2007

Black Flies, and the Like

There are two huge black flies swarming around my office. Seriously, they are so big I am going to put them on little leashes and name them 'bill' and 'fred'. Why bill and fred?, because I think that prosaic black horseflies should have prosaic names. I wouldn't be so annoyed with them if they'd stop dive-bombing me... how am I supposed to get any work done?? It definitely makes me miss my old boss, who transferred to another property, because he would've come out with electric-fly-swatter-a-blazing. It was a site to behold, hilarious really.

Onto ponderations, I am rarely someone who is insulted, but a woman on the train yesterday succeeded. This past weekend I got my car serviced at Toyota, and it was the 60K mile service, so it was quite a bit of money. However, my car was running rather roughly, and now it is running beautifully, and it was at 81K so it definitely needed the service - and I've never serviced it before (except for the obvious oil changes and a brake job).

Upon hearing that I had my car serviced at the dealership and that I spent a good amount of money on it, a woman I didn't know (I was speaking with acquaintances I do know) decided to declare, to those I was speaking with, that 'Some people are such idiots (when it comes to cars)' and that 'Grease Monkey offers the same service for cheaper'. Now, I'm all about people having their opinions and expressing them. It's fine if you don't think that is a smart way to spend your money and you can even express concern that I choose to spend my money that way. However, even I draw the line at being called an 'idiot', especially by someone who thinks a Dodge is wonderful, amazing car that everyone should buy.

Plus, who gets their car serviced at Grease Monkey? I'm all for an oil change, but anything bigger and they are going to rip you off (unless you know and trust one of them - I believe they are franchised; and I don't want to libel them as I've never used them personally). So feel free to express your opinion... and I suppose if you are a friend or family member you can feel free to call me an idiot (even if I don't think I am one).

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May 06, 2007

Nothing Much

Here's some quick glipses of what I've done in the past week or so...

Watched The Queen: you should see this movie. I can't put it into words, but it was an excellent movie. You really felt like you understood the Queen of England, or at least that is how I felt. However, I wouldn't recommend it for anybody who can't normally sit through a documentary, but I feel that this applies to very few of my friends and family.

Been to the Library, and really you should go to your own as well. I don't always get the books I am interested in, but it's fun to look. I'm not as adept as, say, the LoWriter on reserving my books.

Purchased my carefully chosen 'mom's day' gift. She better like it!

My Great Aunt Jean died this morning, she passed away peacefully at 89 from metastisised colon cancer (which metastisised because she refused treatment). We won't be be having a service or anything, but we will miss her even though she is in a much better place!

Plans for the coming week: next weekend I am going down to Portland and hopefully stopping by Powells. I have some book to sell and, as always, I have books to buy. And, of course, there is Mother's Day and I have plans to go/take out my mom and g'ma - and provide them with some much needed gifts.

Have a wonderful week!

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