March 30, 2007

And Perfecting the Faux Hawk Is...

Nobody has nothing on Marcus. You all know it's true, don't try and deny it.

If you don't believe me you can always check...

Have a great weekend!

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March 19, 2007

My Protest: Stop The Protests During My Commute!

Last year it was the protesting of Illegal Immigrants Work Rights, this year it is the protesting of the war. Everybody has their opinions, but do their opinions have to be aired between 3pm - 6pm on a Weekday? I mean, seriously people, I take public transit. I don't have other ways to get home and if I can take the bus to the train station I will miss the train. Miss it!!! Who's going to drive me the 30 miles home then? You??? I doubt it, you'll still be too busy holding up some sign that means something to you, but nothing to the hundreds of us stranded in Seattle. IT MEANS NOTHING. Nobody is going to change anything because you protest, can't you write your Senator instead? He's (She's) the one that has to change it. Or better yet, VOTE in the next election.

I think I am going to make my own sign for the 5 mile walk to the train station I will be taking today. It's going to say 'Get out of my way before I beat you with my sign.' I think that will get some reactions.

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March 15, 2007

Amazing Grace

On Monday Scott and I went and saw the movie Amazing Grace about the life of William Wilberforce. It was an amazing movie, it had very strong Christian overtones, but it was more about the life of a man who desperately wanted to change one thing about the world. He wanted to end slavery, and it's about his struggle to get there. Slavery was banned in the British Empire in 1807, but it was over ten years of fight to get there. I almost can't put this movie into words it was so good.

But more than that, if you expand your thinking to the United States, in 1860 we went to war with ourselves. The war was a 'State Rights vs Federal Rights' argument gone awry; a large piece of this was slavery since the US was only admitting states two at a time, one free and one slave, so as not to disrupt the balance. Abraham Lincoln was a known abolitionist when he was elected, which upset the southern states, but I am not sure that he would have outlawed slavery had he not been able to sell it as 'politically expedient'. That part came over a year later, when Lincoln was able to release the Emancipation Proclamation to PREVENT the Britain and France becoming involved on the side of the South. Which would have allowed Britain and France much stronger holds in the New World and the British to regain some control over the US (which, let's be honest, they still probably wanted).

BUT if William Wilberforce hadn't succeeded in outlawing slavery in Britain over 50 years before the Civil War started, would our history have been different? Imagine how one man saved the world, perhaps by just fighting for what was right...

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March 12, 2007

Reading Runs In The Family

I am very glad to see that Marcus is taking up the family business of reading early. I am proud to say I am the one who bought him this lovely book for Christmas! I think he needs more books for his first birthday!! No clothes for him!

Marcus Reading.jpg

I mean it's right side up, how often does that even happen to me?

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March 11, 2007

My weekend was pretty low key, very nice to sleep a little bit. I did survive losing an hour and even managed to get up (and get my hubby up) for church at 8am. The service was pretty good, I didn't like the way that the pastor asked for money by using the verse 'you who sow much will reap much, ect'... really I don't like using that verse for donations to the church. The worship service was more like they were playing 'at' you instead of being supportive of the singing. Granted, there wasn't a large crowd because of daylight savings, I'm assuming, since the church has two Saturday services and three Sunday ones. We may go back, the message was pretty good, even though the pastor went off on some tagents. The other churches we went to have all been Lutheran, and I haven't liked them as much.

At work we are still waiting for the results of the Audit we had last week, we know we probably got dinged on a few things, but overall we did pretty well. We don't have a Director for our department yet, however there may be news about that soon!! It will be interesting to see how someone new meshes in with our department.

Our 'Pinapple Express' this weekend didn't drop nearly as much rain as expected, or as many pinapples really. We have such odd terms in this area, sunbreaks, pinapple express, convergence zone, it's like they've made up a whole series to describe the weather. I especially like it when they can't figure out how cold it is going to be so they just drop the temperature forcast by 4 degrees every forecast, or they way they predict it will be 'partly sunny' or 'partly cloudy'... I mean do they just alternate terms so we won't be bored? Anyway, that's my rant for the day...

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March 04, 2007

Losing A Day

The removal of the wisdom teeth went very well, I was pretty impressed with my doctor's skill. I did go under for the proceedure, which was an excellent touch, the last think I remember her saying was 'keep your eyes open for as long as possible' and I put my head down and, poof, gone. I apparently was coherent enough to leave the office at some point and go home and get in bed, but I don't remember any of this. I woke up in my own bed at around 5:30pm and wasn't completely disorientated as I have some memories of the day (stumbling down the hall after the surgery and 'talking' with my mom at some point).

I did have a perscription for vicodin, but I never had to take it because it didn't hurt enough. I am taking three advil every six hours, but that is enough to keep the pain in check.

So outside of sleeping a lot and having a slight headachy feeling (because of the teeth), it was a pretty decent weekend. I did watch Stranger Than Fiction, which was a little underwhelming and slow moving in the middle. I am looking for more acne treatments online, because I still haven't found the magic bullet. Seriously, I'm 27, I should not have such a problem with acne, I didn't have such a big issue when I was 16!

That's all I got peeps!

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March 01, 2007


Tomorrow I am facing the loss of wisdom... teeth that is. I am being put completely under and I only have my top two, which are fully erupted, the only reason they are being taken out it because I have cavaties in them and it's not worth the filling. I am still worried about the going under, the waking up, the stitches and the pain. Please, refrain from sharing stories at this point, maybe I'll be ready for those in a few weeks, but not today.

My week has been filled with work, work and more work. Today I managed to skip lunch completely, the hunger was mind numbing! I ended up going to McDs at one point, which is completely justified as I will most likely not eat solid food for the next two days - or at least not fries. Yum, fries.

I hope your weekend is fulfilling, I will have an update for you tomorrow!

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