March 23, 2006

Oh Yeah - South Park

I know this hardly qualifies as a current event, but most of you know that Isaac Hayes left South Park and it's because South Park doesn't respect religion and makes fun of different people. I would like to point out that he has been on the show since it began (like 10 years) and it has basically been making fun of lots of different people and religions the whole time. Was this a news flash? Can you really site such a reason when the show hasn't changed a bit?

Apparently the Scientology show offended him so much he wanted out of his contract. I admire Matt and Trey for letting him out, and I admire them even more for firing back and not letting him leave without a word against his 'reasoning'. Also, as a Christian and someone who watches South Park regularly, you have to learn to laugh at yourself someday. So Scientology is out to rip people off, at least it was a funny episode. I personally liked Tom Cruise hiding in the closet and everybody urging him to 'come out'. Here is one article and here is another.

Then last night, the first episode of the 10th Season, which I was way too tierd to watch happened. I hear it was hilarious, and here is the article.

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March 19, 2006

What is in a Name?

Some of you might think this is about my future name, but alas it is not. Instead it is about my nephew's name, or perhaps his lack of name?? Either way, he is not arrived in this world yet, though it is only a few short weeks to go. Exciting!

They are thinking about a variety of names for the new addition to the Chevalier family. If he is born on April 3rd (due date is April 4th, I believe), which is the same day my father died, he will be gifted with the IIII in that name lineage. However, if born on any other day the name is up for debate. So here are some of their choices, feel free to bandy about their choices, really your thoughts will have no affect on their choice. (sorry, I hate to break it to you).

Aidan James
Caleb James
Roland Edgar (IIII)
David James

I thought the middle name for Jack should be Daniels, but that didn't seem to fly. (hehe) I will update this list when I have more names, I think there are currently 17 on their list. I know almost all of my friends have names 'in reserve', although I managed to steal one friend's name by marrying a man whose daughter has her 'reserved' name. (sorry dr g!)

Also check out your name of choice and the amount it is used at the Social Security website here.

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March 11, 2006

My Dress

I have found my perfect wedding dress, some of you have even been lucky enough to see emailed pictures of it. If you really want to see it, and you aren't my finance, please email me to request a copy. Anyway, it's beautiful and appropriate for the occasion; not white, instead I chose an ivory dress because I look like poo in bright white. Perhaps if you are lucky enough you will get to see it in person...

Speaking of seeing it in person, there are some who already know they are invited to my wedding, and there are some who have expressed interest in being invited. The wedding will, of course, be held here in the Seattle area. If you are a friend of mine (and I do love you all) and you would like to come over to be here, please let me know and I will do everything I can to ensure you receive an invitation. (I hope this isn't rude, but I am trying to gauge the guest list)

There has already been wedding drama amazingly enough. The date caused a lot of drama since I preferred to get married in the summer and Scott was thinking more October, we compromised on August (is that a compromise?). Then the person we wanted to marry us, one of Scott's old coworkers, wasn't available on the day we picked, but she was available on the day after. So we have moved it to Sunday August 20th, which has caused drama in and of itself because the maid of honor has to be back on Monday. Though it should be do-able since the wedding is in the early afternoon, at least that's my hope!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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March 08, 2006

Project Runway

Tonight is the finale of a wonderful show that is in it's second season. I hope you have all been watching it. There is nothing quite like a reality show where you can clearly see the winner from the loser. Even if someone (Santino) has a bad attitude, and sometimes you can see where he falls flat, he does have interesting (ok, sometimes bizarre) designs.

The finale is tonight at 10pm PST and I am so excited to see who wins. I thought from about half way through that Daniel and Chloe would be in the top three, I thought that the third spot would be Nick or Andre or Santino. I am dissapointed that Andre got cut, some of his designs were great. Kara, now I was suprised to see her in the top four as she never actually won a challange, though she did get close once or twice. Only a few of her designs wowed me. Nick, he was great but he was really stuck in a rut; after his third or fourth design they started to look the same.

I hope you have been enjoying the reality show that I love to watch - it's so exciting!! Tune in tonight, it's probably on at 9PM CST on BRAVO. (That's right, the network that also carries Blow Out, which I've never seen an episode of (only clips) but I can still hear Jonathan's voice say 'That's Bangin' whenever I think of Bravo)

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March 03, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

That's right it's time to stuff yourself silly with a variety of expensive cookies and support your local troop. Personally, I find eating them for breakfast to be most rewarding - and slightly less sickening than eating a full box at night. Do you know what I am referring to yet?? That's right - Girl Scout Cookies!

While I've never been a big fan of the Girl Scouts, my mom was in Campfire and I was made fun of by Brownies in 2nd grade and have never forgiven them, their cookies are quite delicious. It would be even better if I could come up with a way to steal cookies - they I could punish the Girl Scouts and still have deliciousness. Of course, that would be wrong - so I won't... unless I run into a Brownie that made fun of me in 2nd grade and SHE has a daughter selling cookies, then I haven't to admit, I would steal if I could. How likely is that??

So buy some cookies and support those girls - and try not to make yourself sick. Personally the Samoas (Carmel Delights on the East Coast) are the best. Yum! What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

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