December 26, 2004

My Christmas Day in Pictures

So here are some picture for all of you who missed my Christmas day adventures, it was quite fun and I'm sorry to say most of you weren't there. I guess I didn't invite too many of you though, so I can't complain. Although I guess I could complain those who weren't here for me to invite...

So I guess I will take you through our day... first we took a family photo - ok so we took this on Christmas Eve, but it's still good except I apparently had an accident with a light socket and didn't look in the mirror before the picture was taken. My mistake... showing here. Then we opened some presents, bonus points for those that can tell me what commercial is playing on the TV - it's not really that hard.

Quizzie drank some coffee, he really will eat anything - insane cat. And now he's an insane caffinated cat. My responsibility has always been setting the table, maybe if we had a bigger kitchen I could help cook more but it's a little hard at this point in time. I outdid myself this year, I think the place settings are beautiful, but I guess that it looked better in person. And then we sat down to eat a wonderful dinner prepared mostly by my mom and Glenn.

Christmas was good and we had lots and lots of food to enjoy. Roland is flying back today and hopefully his flight won't be delayed because of that dumb Comair/Delta problem. But he pays good money for Alaska so here's hoping because his girlfriend will probably be annoyed if he doesn't make it back - after all it's her birthday today and he's supposed to be taking her out. I'd be annoyed. :-)

I hope you all appriciate how big Quizz has grown. He used to be small enough to fit through a cement block standing up, and now he's the size of a housecat and he's not even fully grown, he's only 8 months old. My mom and I figured out he's at least part Maine Coon Cat, he doesn't have the ear tufts yet, but he does have the tufts inbetween his toes and he has the big poofy hair, at least he matches me - haha, I said it first!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!

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December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

My family is all home for the holidays, my mom and stepdad, my brother and I are all at home. We are having fun and enjoying hanging out. My brother and I went shopping today, the mall was pretty crowded but once you got in there the lines weren't too bad. Then my brother went shopping by himself, he's very talented in leaving his shopping to the last possible day.

Then we headed out to the movie The Phantom of the Opera. I have to say I have always been a big fan of this musical. Most of you missed my 'I will listen to the soundtrack once a week phase', as it happened in high school and I loved seeing the play. I was very excited about seeing the movie and it was pretty good. I guess the thrill of a play/musical/operette was gone, the thrill of knowing they are singing right there in front of you and could mess up at any second. That just doesn't happen in a movie, which is probably the point of a movie actually. Someone said this isn't the next Chicago, my response would be (of course) DUH! The Phantom is a fundamentally different type of play than Chicago. Also another reviewer said that Andrew Lloyd Webber composed a new song for this production... unless they are counting the song that runs AFTER the movie is over there was no new song during the movie which wasn't in the original operette. If you like the original you will probably like the movie, but I can't guarentee that because I still would rather go to the theater to see this one. The movie isn't bad, though there are a couple awkward items...

Has anybody out there read the actual Gaston Leroux version? I have read the Susan Kay version, which while overly romaticized, was extrodinarily good and multidimensional. Hopefully I will get and read the original book soon...

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December 18, 2004

For All The Women

Guess what I got? It's the one item that every woman wants in her kitchen but not all have... do you know?

That's right: A KITCHEN AID!!

Wait.... I'm getting a psychic reading from Bran... yep, I think it is 'F**k you, what would you ever use a Kitchen Aid for, you don't cook'....

Hahahaah, I know that's what she's thinking! But actually I do bake, especially when I don't have to do it by hand. I have made one batch of cookies and I plan on making several more today. Oh, and it's not a new one - it's my mom's old one as she got a new one! (A new RED Artisan one, those are cool).

So I hope Bran doesn't fly over here and beat me up, but maybe if you are all lucky you will get cookies... or maybe if you are all lucky you won't get cookies, your choice...

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December 16, 2004

Life Goes On

It's nice to know I haven't lost my readership after not updating for about two weeks. I actually get more comments when I haven't updated - how sad is that? Maybe it's just because I'm so interesting nobody else can compete.

My car has been the bane of my existance recently. I had to get the entire front brakes replaced about a week ago because, well... long story but needless to say it was expensive. Then this morning I was backing out of my parking space at my apartment and I hit the curb behind me with my tailpipe. Now my car sounds like a really loud car... at least inside. I don't think there is anything else wrong with it but I am taking it in tomorrow to get an estimate because if it is something I need replaced I should at least know about it. I am guessing it won't be, unless I wrecked my cadalitic converter, but I still have horsepower...

I was at the gas station the other day and some guy pulled up to fill up and promptly started washing his windshield. You may not think this is odd, but it was POURING rain and it's not like you get a lot of road dirt here. From what I could tell his windshield was clean. It was very odd... I don't think I've ever washed my windshield when it was raining.

Even though a cat may use a litterbox it still smells infinetly better than some boys...

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December 13, 2004

My Bad Updating Skills

I know, I know... but I blame Mooney because when I tried to log on to write something clever yesterday it wouldn't let me on. I will update soon, but not now since I am at work...

Oh and if anybody knows any single guys in the area, please let me know as I am dating again!!

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