December 18, 2004

For All The Women

Guess what I got? It's the one item that every woman wants in her kitchen but not all have... do you know?

That's right: A KITCHEN AID!!

Wait.... I'm getting a psychic reading from Bran... yep, I think it is 'F**k you, what would you ever use a Kitchen Aid for, you don't cook'....

Hahahaah, I know that's what she's thinking! But actually I do bake, especially when I don't have to do it by hand. I have made one batch of cookies and I plan on making several more today. Oh, and it's not a new one - it's my mom's old one as she got a new one! (A new RED Artisan one, those are cool).

So I hope Bran doesn't fly over here and beat me up, but maybe if you are all lucky you will get cookies... or maybe if you are all lucky you won't get cookies, your choice...

Posted by 10lees at December 18, 2004 08:40 AM