October 31, 2004

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!!

You should all read this great article on MSN that talks about which Vodka brand is the best. I know a few of you out there will enjoy this!

Here is the link!

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October 30, 2004

Osama is Voting for Kerry, You Should Too!

Ok, I know some of you will be mad at me for that title, but read the whole article, because I'm not sure if I know what Osama is attempting to do. Most of his comments were lifted from the script of Michael Moore's movie 'Farinheit 9/11'.

I think that Osama is saying that he's 'voting' for Kerry, but why? (and obviously Osama cannot actually vote in the US) Here are some of Osama's statements from the video, and my response:

'Your security is not in the hands of Kerry, Bush or al-Qaida. Your security is in your own hands. Any state that does not mess with our security has naturally guaranteed its own security' Tenley's subtitle: Please leave Iraq or we will attack again. Basically 9/11 was our fault because we threatened their security? (Of course Bin Laden claims that it was our handling of the Israeli-Palestian conflict that caused the attacks and they only did it to show us how we could improve our security.... oh, riiiight) Does he think we don't remember what order things happened in?

He said Bush spent precious time "listening to a child discuss her goat," a reference to the minutes after Bush learned of the first attack and continued to sit in a Florida classroom listening to children read. "This had given us three times the time needed to carry out the operations." Oh yeah, because we totally knew there was a terror attack when the first plane crashed into the Trade Center so the fact they didn't ground all planes right then means we gave them all sorts of time. By the time we realized we were under attack the second plane had already crashed and how fast the president responded wouldn't influence the outcome at all, in my opinion.

There's a lot of debate on whether this will affect the way we will vote. Republicans think it helps Bush because it's trying to help Kerry. But don't you think Osama would be smart enough to think of this? So really the question is: Does he say he wants us to vote for Kerry because he really wants us to vote for Bush or does he say he wants us to vote for Kerry because he wants us to actually vote for Kerry? Granted Osama never actually says he wants us to vote for either candidate, but by spouting left wing propaganda (instead of right wing propaganda) he is subtling suggesting a candidate.

Here and here are some articles for you. Discuss!!

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October 19, 2004

John Kerry VS Dubya: The Bumper Stickers

I have a 30 mile trek to work, which of course means a 30 mile trek back, and so since I have nothing better to do with my time while I am sitting in traffic I tally all the bumper stickers passing me by. You may wonder why the bumper stickers are all passing me: this is because there is some natural law which decrees that I must be in the slowest lane at all times. I am sure many of you have the same problem. Anyway, to pass the time I keep track of bumper stickers... to be fair this is not exactly scientific... ok, so it's not at all scientific. I counted bumper stickers on Monday October 4, Friday October 8, Tuesday October 12 and today, Tuesday October 19.

On Monday morning Dubya pulled out a surprising win (4 to 2) and on Friday morning Dubya got another win (4 to 1). On Friday night Kerry pulled a win (5 to 2), which seems more in keeping with the area. Tuesday the 12 Kerry pulled a shut out (14 to 5) and was elected president, I mean... won the bumper sticker race. And today, Tuesday the 19, Kerry pulled another win, but with a closer margin (10 to 7). On the Mondays and Tuesdays I did not count bumper stickers in the evening because it's dark and I can see the excuse now 'well Officer, I got in an accident because I was counting a bumper sticker that passed me - whoops!'. Haha, that'd fly.

So not surprising, Kerry has won the bumper sticker 'war' by 29 to 22, but at least it was decently well fought by Dubya in this red state, or is it blue? To tell you the truth I don't know the difference between the colors - isn't that horrible? I know that my state's electoral vote will most likely go for Kerry. Though I have seen 3, yep, 3 Howard Dean for President stickers, only one of which had a Kerry sticker. Oh and there was one great car today that had a yard sign in its rear window for Kerry and had hung a huge cardboard flag from its rear antenna that said 'DEFEAT BUSH'... I have to admit it made me laugh. Not because I think the person is silly or that I disagree with their views, but because it looks kind of silly and I don't have much to laugh at during the morning commute.

So take a poll in your own state and then vote for whoever gets the most bumper stickers! Ok, maybe you should make up your own mind, but the bumper sticker poll is still amusing. I also kept track of who had fishes on their cars - and all of you will be happy to know that NEITHER candidate was supported by people who put fishes on their car. And I did not count my mom's car... which those of you who have seen it would understand.

Now I am going to bedů

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October 12, 2004

Exploring the City

Nick was here this weekend and we went out an explored the area. It was tons of fun. On Saturday we went to Downtown and walked around. Then we went to the mountain and hiked for a while, but it was dissapointing because it was so rainy that we couldn't see the mountain at all from far away, or from close up. We were going to go hiking on one trail, but the floaters to cross the river valley were washed out. I was very paranoid about getting caught in a flash flood, so we went up the road a little more a hiked along the mountain. Later we found out, from a frequent hiker, that the floaters had been washed out for years. Perhaps next time we will be able to go across...

Hopefully I will be taking a ski vacation later this year or early next year, does anybody want to come out an ski with me? I already invited Nick and Jeff, but all other's are invited. You don't even have to ski, maybe just sled... haha! I hope everybody's day is going well.

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October 06, 2004

An Update

And now for a boring update:

My job: going pretty good. I've been working there a week and I thought I might die for the first half, but I've been getting used to it this second half... and today I realized I might actually like it (gasp!). Mostly it's filing and contacting students. I like the students part... I think I might need a resume helper book though.

My dating life: what dating life? Well I've been on eHarmony now for like 4 months and I met one person (see the First Single Misadventure) and he was ok. I am talking to a couple guys now, we'll see how that pans out.

My brother: since he was all excited about being mentioned in here last time I figured I'd mention him again. You should really check out the picture I posted last time, he's the bald guy in the middle. Wouldn't you like to go to work dressed up like that everyday? You gotta love big automatic weapons.

TheNick: commonly known as 'my other ex-boyfriend' is coming out to visit me this weekend. We are going to go see some mountains and the Downtown.

My paycheck: I actually get two this weekend, but THE AMAZING 10LEES has already spent both. It's quite amazing. Hand me all your paychecks and I will do the same with them!

Scrubs: was pre-empted for the VP debate. Yeah, like that changed anyone's mind. At least Scrubs would have diverted my mind... sniff, my poor undiverted mind.

Traffic: I mean the driving to work traffic, not drug traffic. Geesh! It's ok, I think I've found the shortest way to work (hint, it's almost a straight line).

Quizz: that's right THE AMAZING QUIZZISMNESS has consented to another photo op. Get it while it's hot people!!

Have a good end of the week and weekend all!!

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October 03, 2004

Single Misadventure #2

I have a complaint to lodge, why do guys check a girl out when they are CLEARLY (or not so clearly) with someone else? Yesterday I was shopping at Old Navy, great store and you should all shop there so Bran's stock prices go up, and trying on this tan tweed blazer when this guy started checking me out. He walked from the men's department towards the front of the store and into the women's department all while 'checking me out'. So I'm like, hey - he's cute, maybe he'll talk to me... so me being me and entirely bad at flirting... I walk towards where he is located in the women's department. At this point he was behind me one aisle and facing towards me (not towards the merchandise) with no woman in site. I walk towards him make eye contact and smile, he smiles back... but no 'hi'. So I just keep walking, decide to buy the tweed blazer and go to checkout. Still not too late to get hit on... but alas I see him leaving WITH A GIRL! Ok, so there was no outward sign of affection, i.e. hand holding, hugging, etc. But still, what is with guys that they will check out other girls while with a girlfriend? Next time I'm going to send these guys to beat him up... especially the bald one in the middle...

Now I'm just glad I didn't hit on him.

Started the new job and I am enjoying a relaxing 70 degree weekend off. It's nice here... bet you'd all wish you were here, except for that pesky volcano...

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