March 31, 2009

Dateline's Financial Investigation

In case you missed it, Dateline NBC did a great mini-series on the financial mess... but I just can't believe the entitlement and stupidity of some people who took out bad loans.

In one case the lady took out a loan that would require her to pay $2100 a month, even though she only MADE $1600 a month. She said 'well, the bank thought I could afford it.' Yes, and so you took the loan and signed the papers... what?? My credit cards say that I can charge 20 grand, but that doesn't mean that I DO!! Clearly, they do not have my best interest at heart, they don't care if I am 20 grand in debt.

The next special focused on that very issue, credit card debt, it was amazing what debt collectors were saying to try and get people to pay. More than that, what people believed the debt collectors could do. The debt collectors who said they were sending the cops were totally lying (there is NO debtors prison in America and there hasn't ever been).

It was a good series. But the entitlement of Americans has to end, we have to realize what we can afford and what we can't and stay within our budgets! Then our community will be more stable. (not that I am an economist)

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March 21, 2009

New Flooring!

Over the past week or so Scott and I have dicussed the fact that we need some new flooring in the kids' bathroom and our laundry room. In both the vinyl flooring is peeling up, so we headed into Abbey Carpet to check out what they had. We weren't thinking that we go with the first place we stopped, but they were very very nice and came over today after the store closed and gave us an estimate.

We are probably going to replace the vinyl in both our bathrooms and put tile in the laundry room - as it is also the entrance to garage and, really, a main entrance into the house. Now all we need to do is replace the carpeting, which we will probably be saving up for this year and expect to be able purchase relatively soon.

So yay for house improvements! It's not an addition, but it will still be nice.

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March 14, 2009

Sarcastic News

If there is one thing I love, it's sarcastic news via The Onion. It always makes me laugh with it's hilarity, even if I just read the titles. But I have found the best thing ever - sarcastic horoscopes. Is there anything more funny than horoscopes? Now there is, check out these gems:

Cancer had its latest prediction all set to go, but then it found out about this cool new thing called Twitter, and well…you understand.

This week be sure to pray to St. Harold, the Patron Saint of Falling Down The Basement Stairs, Shattering Both Your Hips, And Laying Paralyzed Until Someone Gets Home.

A freak explosion aboard a Florida fishing boat leaves you with the proportional strength and speed of a red-bellied trout.

Your life will have a fairy tale ending. Unfortunately for you, it's the one with the three bears returning home.

I mean really, I find these more believable than the 'real' horoscopes. Now I get to read a horoscope each week that I can apply to my life... especially if I want to go to a Florida or have a fairy tale ending.

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