January 31, 2007

Antarctica Anyone?

Being stranded in Antarctica because your cruise ship ran aground has got to be Worst Case Senario, right? Well, at least they aren't huddled on the beach attempting to build fires with ice blocks, because that's what I pictured when I read the headline


I would say it's summer there, but I don't think it is ever 'summer' on the poles. They just have periods of less cold...

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January 28, 2007

Voice Mail Messages

Those that know me well understand my philosophy of voice mail messages, mainly that I don't check them and don't care too. It's always nice when I don't have a that little icon that indicates Voice Mail, but it happens so rarely! Currently I haven't checked my voice mail in well over a month (I think I checked it around Christmas last time) and I have no plans too. Really I think they should just be automatically deleted after a certain amount of time has passed, there is no point in listening to a message that is 4 weeks old. My advice to all is called 'text messaging', I know it's new fangled but it's the best way to tell me what you want me to know. Am I the only one that does this? Does this make me a horrible person?

I have spent much of the past week playing a new game, well a new edition of an old game. Many of you know that I was obsessed with Bookworm (by PopCap Games) and it's just sooooo much fun! Well, they have a new game out called Bookworm Adventures where you go around and spell words to defeat evil and rescue Cassandra, who has been trapped in a book. It is so addicting because all you want to do is beat the next level. Scott, my lovely husband, has already beaten the game (there are only three books to get through), and now he is going to replay it and try and spell longer words, just to get a higher score. I suggest you try it, free downloads are available on Pop Cap games, and you can at least get through Book 1 before having to buy it. Maybe this is only for the nerdy, but we had fun playing it.

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January 21, 2007

Announcing My Presidential Bid - 2008

It is January 2007, but it still seems early to be discussing the next Presidential candidates. It is interesting to see who will be attempting to run in the next election, and I am sure we will all have our favorites and perhaps our non-favorites (cough*Hillary*cough) who will we want to see on the ballot. However I do wish the Democrats would calm down and focus on enacting some legislature, isn't that the point of them being 'in charge' in Congress? Aren't they supposed to be showing us how well they can run the country and all the good things they are going to do for us? Granted, I know everybody who reads this site has different views on whether the legislature they enact will be good or bad, but I think that is beside the point. The point is they are supposed to be working, not talking all about their presidential runs. The effect is going to be divisive on the Democratic party when they should be focused on getting the country 'back on track'... wasn't that their goal?

I see this as another failing of American Democracy, nothing is as important to our politicians as themselves and their own personal goals. The only person I admire in the Senate currently are John McCain and Joe Lieberman, and that isn't so much because of what they believe than the fact that they at least stand up for their beliefs and don't bend in the wind of public opinion. This has cost them professionally, both Presidential bids and party endorsements, but imagine if just half the Republicans or half the Democrats stood for what was right instead of what will gain them more money. They could put some tougher restrictions on pollutants and cease global warming. What about the war on global warming? I'm willing to turn out my lights for that...

I could go on and easily name a half a dozen things they could work on (cough*Homeland Security*cough), but the point is: why can't they?

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January 20, 2007

Jane Eyre on PBS

So PBS is doing a two part Jane Eyre remake. Read about it here on the New York Times. It looks like a wonderful remake and I can't wait to watch it. I should probably read the original, yes it's probably a crime I haven't read the original book, but Bronte is so hard to read. I haven't ever read Withering Heights (not the same Bronte) or The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (seriously, has anybody read Anne's book?).

It will be on Sunday night and next Sunday night! Tune in.. it's PBS, support public broadcasting. (brought to you by Viewers Like You.)

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January 08, 2007

Do You Still Like Tony Romo's?

Cause they have the best BBQ Ribs anywhere! Poor Cowboys, I mean really with that field goal they probably could've won. We didn't have any time-outs and we would have had to march it down the field to get within field goal range. Josh Brown (our kicker) has been good to us, but I am not positive he could've made anything over a 52 yard field goal. I have to say, seeing Romo fumble that football live was amazing, I don't believe I have ever seen anything quite like it.

And next week we face off against Da Bears! And we are at Soldier Field, I have to say I don't have high hopes about this game. The Bears have an awesome defense and we still have several running backs out on the injured lists. Too bad we didn't get to play New Orleans instead, it would've been an easier game.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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January 01, 2007


There is nothing like your first visit to a dentist in almost three years to make you squirm. The poor hygenist, trying to dig tarter out of my teeth while I attempt to evade her pick-of-death. I feel bad, I have never been the person that squirms in the dentist's chair. I never will be again either, because in the future I will go to the dentist's in a timely manner. I have to say, love my new dentist too. (In a platonic way)

Now I did have some guesses as to what I would need when I went. My guess was 1 filling, wisdom teeth out and a root canal. I was ALMOST right, 2 fillings (which can be done at the same time) and wisdom teeth out, but no root canal. Woohoo!! Now I just need to gear myself up for having my teeth out, I am opting for the 'completely out' route. I could have them out with just novocane, but I couldn't live with being awake while my teeth are being pulled. I think that is just about my worse nightmare, and I am being only moderately dramatic, I do have nightmares about losing my teeth or not having any teeth. It probably means something deep and, well, meaningful.

Have a wonderful start to your New Year!

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