July 30, 2004

Sex in Food Handler's Class

I'm not saying there was any sex, just that there could've been because they turned off the lights so there were NO LIGHTS AT ALL (except the powerpoint slides). This is very odd in a public class where there are 25 people, my first thought was that you could have sex it was so dark. Maybe my mind is just in the gutter, but I think it is odd. I don't think that people had sex, at least not that I saw.

You know, they make this huge deal about all the health handling policy and they stress that this is the way you need to do it at home too. I'm sorry if any of you ever ate my cooking and got sick, because I don't obey any of those rules. They seem mostly silly in a home environment.

There used to be a time in the world where you would leave your lipstick in a hot car and it would melt. I went into my car yesterday and found one of my lipsticks in there... I was dissapointed because I knew it would be melted, but I opened it up to make sure and it wasn't. I found that odd, it was hot to the touch, but it wasn't melting at all. What do they do to the lipsticks now-days that makes them not melt... I'm not sure I want to know...

I got the best compliment tonight: a lady had a cappucino and came up to me afterwards and told me it was the best she had ever had. Sadly that was the third one I have made. I am very proud of myself. I try to make great foam, but happy to know when I succeed...

Have a good night!

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July 28, 2004

Apparently I Don't Look 24

What is the deal with people thinking I don't look 24? Do I look 17? See this is why I will never be asked out on a date by any male my age who goes to Evil Coffee Corp, they all will think I am 12... only three work days left and I win the bet Chadly!!!

I guess I am just wondering what, what makes me look so much younger than I am? Lack of wrinkles? How white I am? How many zits I have? (which isn't much right now, thank you very much) The way I act? Do I have 'young' mannerisms?

My theory is the pimples, but some people say they don't notice them... I think they are lying - but that's my opinion. Maybe it's just that I'm funny, but hey - looks are everything.

Today was my first day back after three days off. I screwed up a bit, my store manager said 'note to self: don't give 10lees three days off in a row'... you just have to laugh off all the mistakes and assume you'll learn it all eventually. The shift who came in after me was annoyed that I didn't leave on time, but she came on at 2pm, I leave at 2pm and we have to do like 10 minutes of stuff together before I leave. It is pretty impossible to condense that into one minute, but next time I'll try.

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July 27, 2004

3rd Day Off

3 days off in a row doesn't happen very often in retail, unless perhaps I request days off. I think the reason it happened was because I worked 45 hours last week. Then I was only assigned 35 hours this week. I don't care about getting paid for the overtime, just as long as I get paid for the time worked. I am learning a lot at the Evil Coffee Corp so far, it's just a little frustrating since my last job I had been doing for 6 years and I rarely screwed up majorly.

I finally moved into my 'new' bedroom, the one that my step-brother had been living in. It's really nice to have my own little space seperate from everywhere else. My other room was also my mom's office, which isn't so private. It's been kind of a pain to move everything from one spot to the other.

Yesterday I took Quizz to Petsmart, he didn't like the car ride that much. In fact he hid under the passanger seat most of the way there. Everytime we stopped he would start meowing, poor kitty. But he seemed to like looking at the birds a little bit more. And we got him a red collar, which is very chic and sexy. Now he doesn't need 'Queer Kitty for the Straight Tomcat'... er, something.

Well I'm going to go relax more.

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July 25, 2004

The Bourne Supremacy

This will not spoil the movie for you...

I went and watched The Bourne Supremacy today, though by watched I mean I saw the first 30-40 minutes and by that time was so ill that I had to leave the theater and ask for my money back. I love Matt Damon, but the cinomatography in this movie is horrible. I know it's supposed to be 'artistic' but it just made me ill. I would like to mention that I did not get sick in the Blair Witch Project, which was also a little bit of the 'shakey camera' work - but that was kinda the point and some of it was filmed very nicely, so you got a break.

The shakey camera wasn't even the worst part, they also had characters stand very close to camera so that you get the in-focus/out-of-focus contrast in most of the shots. There was a 5-second shot early in the movie that is total darkness after a door shuts. There is horrible light/darkness contrasts, for those who are bothered by that, and if you ever wanted to know what a car chase feels like with shakey cameras... well buy your tickets now... though it is sickening. Oh, and last, but not least, it was in 'grainy colors' which I detest. Can't you put a little feeling into the colors? Geesh...

Oh and they killed Franka Pontente about five minutes into the film. Was that neccessary? Is that in the book?

Story line (I've heard) is good, but the shakey camera has to go when they shoot the third one... hopefully I will be able to watch this on a small screen when it comes out on DVD.

And Quiz Time v 4.0 (what a silly kitty)and 5.0 (bet you haven't seen a cat chew on it's tongue before!)

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July 21, 2004


As per a previous request I will mention the words 'prison', 'power supply', and 'cartesian'... after requesting which I got into a discussion about the word Cartesian. Did you know it means 'of or relating to Rene Descartes'? He figured the word should have been Descartesian... I mean really people, you can't just abbriviate things at will. Though I did come up with a new word: allierism: of or relating to a Chevalier, anyone of us.

Yesterday I helped set up the Evil Coffee Corp... then my store manager, Ed, asked me to come in early today. I thought 'this is great' and I was the first employee in the store... store employee anyway, there were lots of corporate people there. And I found out that it is because I am a great... I bet you don't know.... what am I great at?? That's right... ORGANIZATION! I got to organize the whole back room. I curse this ability... can I give it back??

Then later today we had our friends and family night at Evil Coffee Corp. It was hectic, amazingly hectic. I have not worked a harder two hours there yet. Josh and Aliesha stopped by to collect the bounty that they provide to all who stops by. A five dollar gift card, free drinks (any type, any size), and free food! My mom and Glenn also stopped by...

So onto prison... I mean I haven't gone to prison, which is good. Because I think prison would be kinda scary.

If you all haven't seen the Jib/Jab Bush VS Kerry movie... see it here, and you better because it is FREAKING hilarious, whichever side you are on.

I am so tierd right now, I have work 17.5 hours in the past 2 days. And I have to work at 5AM tomorrow. So I am going to bed... to recharge my power supply.

And I did use all the words, probably not fairly though...

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July 19, 2004

I Proselytized the Neighborhood

So my step brother finally moved out of the house last Thursday. The house is so much quieter without him here: trying to burn down the house, staying up really late watching movies, whining because he lives here... ah, it's nice.

Plus I get his room and the double bed... don't worry we completely Lysol-ed it and aired it out before anyone slept in it... which wasn't me actually, we had guests this weekend. I will be moving tomorrow when I get back from work.

I had my shift supervisor class for Evil Coffee Corp on Saturday, it was really good. But have you ever noticed that in almost every class there has to be that annoying person? I may be that person to other people, occasionally, but seriously why can't I just have normal class without someone saying dumb crap? This is my question... is the annoying person annoyed by someone else in the class?

I think I ate a fruit fly during that class, but they are so small who can tell... though I'd say I'm 95% sure I did eat it. Not on purpose though... I think it flew into my mouth while I was talking.

Today was my first day at the new store and we got to go around to other stores in the area and inform them that we were opening, hence the proselytizing. It was exciting, and everybody around us is really excited we are opening. We open on Thursday, which is exciting. I get to work a 10 hour day tomorrow... wish me luck!

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July 15, 2004

Holy Glowing Jesus, Batman!!

I blame Lo entirely for this blog entry title.

Every time I say that line it just makes me laugh...short story time: I was in Venice, Italy and we stayed at a nunnery since it was only us three girls traveling together (Me, Jeannine, Elise). We got the last three beds in the nunnery from a very short, very hilarious nun. That night we turned in with all the other girls (there was a curfew) and us three were in a small separate room off the main dormitory with only three beds in it. Jeannine got up to turn off the lights when the nuns informed us it was lights out (they really did) and when she turned back towards the bed she stopped and said 'Holy Glowing Jesus'... and me and Elise looked above our beds at the crucifix (hey, it is a nunnery) which had a GLOW IN THE DARK Jesus hanging on it... I'm not sure if this is sacrilege, but it should be. None of us fell asleep until Jesus stopped glowing and the phrase morphed into 'Holy Glowing Jesus, Batman' for obvious reasons.

Ok so maybe that story isn't so short, and probably most of you have heard it before... onto Things I Have Learned Today:

McDonalds by my house apparently doesn't take anything but cash as a payment. Which was unfortunate to find out at 6:45am in the morning when all I want before I drive into Downtown is a Sausage McMuffin. That's it; from now on I'm just going to Starbucks... hehehehe.

Hair Flat Irons can also double as a clothes iron in times of dire need. Like when you just need to iron your cuffs and collar on a white shirt.

Driving will always take an excessively small amount of time when you plan for using lots of time; and it will always take an excessively large amount of time when you are running late. I planned an hour and ten minutes to drive into Downtown, it took me 30 minutes, but if I had left ten minutes later we all know it would've taken me an hour and ten minutes.

Debit is the wave of the future, mark my words. It's already all the rage on the West Coast. Or maybe I just hang around my parents too much. Though it is evidenced in the fact that McD's will take debit, but not credit.

In other Emmy news: Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber were both nominated for their roles in Alias for a Primetime Emmy. Let's wish them luck because we all know Alias is the best show on television, even with the last uneven season.

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July 14, 2004

Some Things You Might've Missed

Well today I thought I would provide all of you with some enlightening, or quasi-enlightening, items.

Ken is really taking away the prize on Jeopardy. I have watched several of these shows (hence the reason that the ratings are up for the show) and he can really blow the competition out of the water. If you enjoy Jeopardy at all I highly recommend watching at least one show of this guy, preferably tonight because he will probably be done soon...I mean he's made a million dollars, who doesn't want to go home and spend it??

Michael Moore, the name synonomus with everything Republican's hate and everything Democrat's love... well, no not really. But this is a pretty good article about who Michael Moore is and what people think of him. It doesn't have too much to do with F 911, so I'm sorry if that disappoints you.

I think this will be one of this year's more interesting films and we should all go see it together, if we could. Actually I am not sure if I will be able to see it. I don't know a local independent theater yet, though I am sure there are plenty in the area.

I am off to train some more today for Evil Coffee Corp. The shift supervisor training is going well and I think most of my co-workers are finally catching on to my humor. It is nice to have people think you are funny, maybe because I try hard at it.

I swear next time I'll write a more interesting entry than a news recap!

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July 12, 2004

What's Been Going On

Not too much has been going on this past week that is really exciting. I got an oil change for cheap, well cheap for this state anyway, advertised for 14.90 before taxes. For some reason while they were changing my oil they checked my brake pads for me, as mechanics are always trying to be helpful, and then told me that my brake pads were 5-10% there. I thought this must surely be a miracle from God as my brakes were 30-40% there in April and now, only 3 months later, I have burned through 20-35% of my brake pads. And all without having driven my car that much. Amazing I say! I should go get them changed now...

I also got a new haircut since I am working at the Evil Coffee Corp and you have to either a) have your hair up or b) have it above the shoulder. I am not sure if I like the cut yet, it may be too poofy for me. I had to try a new stylist because (obviously) the person I have been going to the past 4 years is in Minnesota. This is Sherry's handy work and she is very good, except that it feels almost like she is attempting to scalp you with the comb. I am not sure if I will return to her. She knows what she is doing... now if she could just learn to comb softer. But then again at Juut they'd apologize for even touching your ear with the comb, so I've been kinda pampered...

Only two more things... Quiz Time v 3.0. My mom and Glenn bought a new car: the Chevy Equinox 2005, it is quite nice so far.

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July 07, 2004

I saw Spiderman

Yep I saw it, and it was good, and you should all go see it too. I think I am going to go to it again when I get a chance…and I will definitely buy the DVD. I think I am in love with Tobey Maguire…oh wait, I’m 24…too old to have crushes on celebrities. Anyway, this entry is focusing on interesting facts about the movies or their potential, don’t worry about having anything ruined.

The amount of potential villains for the Spiderman 3 movie present in Spiderman 2 is enormous. Not only do we have the new Green Goblin, Harry, but we also have Dr Lizard (aka Dr Connors). Jameson’s son the Astronaut, who was about to marry Mary Jane, and ends up going up to the moon again on another space mission where he becomes a werewolf. Maybe they will change that last part and make him an alien or something more 21st century, but then again maybe not. This brings up a great amount of possibly enemies for the next movie and I only have one stipulation: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let them not make it about only the second Green Goblin, I will not go see it if that is the case. The first movie was lame enough in that area. Do you think they will do all of these potential enemies? Did I miss anybody?

Did you know the scene in the first movie which is the Green Goblin first entrance... and he steals Mary Jane and then drops her from a height actually happened in the comics BUT with one major difference. It wasn't Mary Jane who was stolen up in the glider, but Peter Parker's first girlfriend... she was also saved from splattering on the ground but died anyways, because of the shock. It was the first time a victim had died in the comics... at least while the superhero was saving them.

Did anybody else notice that the song at the end was Dashboard Confessional? It is actually pretty good and you can go to the Spiderman 2 official website and see the music video. The whole soundtrack is looking good; I might have to buy it. The other song that made me crack up was the lady on the street singing 'Spiderman, spiderman' in what I thought was a shout-out to Phebe Bouffet character on Friends...but it turns out that was the original soundtrack during the 1960's cartoon.

Feel free to share other little known facts about Spiderman here, my step-dad knows way too much about the comic book because he grew up during it’s heyday.

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July 04, 2004

Happy 4th of July!!

This week was mostly training at the Evil Coffee Corp and it has gone pretty well. I have made a few mistakes, but nothing too big. And my training coach, Vicky, has been great and not the least bit anal after that first day. I have learned almost everything... now it is just needed to get it all down pat and the small details in place. My other training coach, Denise, said I was doing a great job on the bar and they had to rely on me for coverage on Saturday and I did 'great', it was very nice to be so complimented because Vicky says I'm doing 'good'...but I wasn't sure how much I believed her.

I'm sure there are those out there who have watched Laverne & Shirley... but did you know that Laverne's favorite drink was PEPSI AND MILK?? And apparently this was a popular drink in the 70s... at least according to people who grew up in the 49th state to join our United States. I can't imagine how horrible that would taste... yuck!

Here is a little piece of news to enlighten all of you on Monday... or Tuesday... or really whenever you manage to get around to reading my blog... I'll admit I stole it from another blog, but I thought it was very interesting. It is fuzzy numbers, but it might also be true. It also makes you think of the loss of shear numbers of people in the United States due to abortions. I wonder what the numbers would look like in China?

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