May 15, 2005

A Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was just what the DR ordered. I needed to get some relaxation in and it was perfect! I was able to leave work early on Friday because of working extra hours in the beginning of the week, and I went home and made myself a wonderful quiche. (Quiches are awesome!) Then on Saturday I did nothing except watch the marathon of America's Next Top Model on VH1. I have to say that is a very addicting show, but I loved watching it all in one day as opposed to over weeks and weeks. Today is Sunday and I am up visiting my parents and paying my bills, exciting I know, eventually I will go home and clean, which is even more exciting.

The big event this week will be the release of the new Star Wars movie, I know that everybody is waiting with baited breath for that to come out. (What is baited breath anyway? Breath that smells like bait?? That can't be good... ) My department (at work) is actually taking me to see it on Friday, I think it will be good as I've heard good things. I am just praying that this sequel (prequel?) avoids the campiness of the first two new installments. I was very dissapointed at Jar-Jar and other things... I am guessing it has to be better because it is Anikan become Darth Vader and you can't really sugarcoat that right? I heard James Earl Jones is coming back for the voice, does anybody know if this is true?

In dating news I have been on a few dates with a new guy, he is sooo great - which really every new person you date should be great because nobody should show their flaws off right up front. However, I am thrilled to be dating him and we will see how it goes. Now I just need to keep him from seeing how neurotic I am, hehehe...

I hope you all have a great week!! Perhaps soon I will be hit with some inspiration for a great article, until then I apologize.

Posted by 10lees at May 15, 2005 12:32 PM