May 04, 2005

Visiting Friend!

This past weekend Nick came out to visit me and have me show him around town. It was a ton of fun and we got to go out and do lots of things. I even took Friday off so we would have more time to explore the area, so here is a recounting of what we did:

Friday: we drove over the Narrows bridge to get to Poulsbo, a quaint little seaside town that we visited. There were a few antiques shops that we stopped into as well. Then we took the ferry back to the city, Nick had never been on a ferry (can you imagine!!) and so we walked around on the boat. He was amazed how many cars could fit in the giant ferry.

Saturday: we went down to Pike's Place Market and walked around a little bit, then we bought some seafood (Halibut and shrimp). We drove up to my mom and stepdad's houseand had them cook us the food. Apparently the shrimp was very very good, but I didn't have anything because I don't like to eat bugs.

Sunday: we decided to be even more adventurous than our trip to Rainier last time and instead drove all the way down to Seaside Oregon. Nick got a great picture of the Tsunami Evacuation route signs this time (we got the Volcano Evacuation route signs last time). We also saw Mt St Helens on the way down, which was exciting. Overall going down to Seaside is not something that should be accomplished in one day, an overnight stay would've been better.

So that was my weekend! I apologize for everybody who was not able to get me to pick up my mobile and I think I've called almost everybody back, but if I missed you please remind me. I miss all of you, and if you travel out to see me I am sure you will have tons of fun with me!

Posted by 10lees at May 4, 2005 01:30 PM