June 24, 2006

Charity and Sunburn

For my lovely day job (that's actually not sarcasim, it is very lovely), I was able to volunteer at a charity golf classic in Seattle, and get paid for going (can't beat that). I was the Volunteer Assistant, and then later after all the volunteers were assigned out, I was the Photographer's Assistant. The Photographer is the Team Photographer for the Seattle Seahawks, and he immediately began to lecture me on what my life should be about. Very nice man, but I believe he may have thought I was younger than I am. In fact my very first thought was 'does he know how old I am?', though I managed to keep my mouth shut.

I was able to hold the NFC Championship ring, which was very cool. It wasn't the Team Photographer's, but the Offensive Coach's (I think). It was great that they let me hold it and look at it. I had a lot of fun overall, aside from people thinking that I must be 17 and need 'life guidence'. I don't, even at 17 I didn't, but I may have tolerated the information better then.

I ended up with a lovely sunburn, it has all gone away by now, but it was nice while it lasted. Plus I wasn't stuck in an office all day, which is a bonus, especially when your office is in the basement.

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June 10, 2006


I have struggled and have finally put the last of my invitations together, to be sent out later this week. Or I should say it is what I hope is the last of the invitations. Of course if you are planning to be here during August and you'd like to be invited you will have to let me know. I mostly invited those friends who had already mentioned an interest in attending the wedding - so I hope nobody feels left out!

Right now I am completely fed up with invitations. For me there was the choosing, which was short and sweet, then there was the beginning to create, mostly by completely a few at a time on the printer. Then, when it got close to the time I was supposed to send them out, there was the hounding the finance and family for addresses. Then there was the panicked 4 hours of printing and stuffing and addressing. Now there is the part where I want to completely drop kick the printer because it keeps leaving black marks on the LAST FREAKING INVITATION I NEED PRINTED! Seriously, it's lucky that I would have to pay to replace it - I'm about ready to take it out in a field with a baseball bat.

Then there is the part where friends and family get them and send back the RSVP cards. I have a few, they are nice... I am looking forward to getting more so hopefully I won't have to call and harass people. (sample question 'seriously, with all I am doing right now you have forced me to call you and ask if you are attending my wedding?')

The rest of the planning is going very well, I realized that I only have 70 days left! 70, in other words it may be time to start panicking. I probably won't, but it may be getting to that time.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful, stress free, weekend!

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