June 27, 2005

Dying Computers

There is nothing more fun than coming into work and sitting down at your desk and having your computer not boot up. Ahhh, the shear joy of Mondays actually gets better when your computer doesn't recognize your harddrive. Let me soak in the love.

The good thing is that there was an IT professor who was nice enough to help me set up a new computer in my office and he even formatted it for me and got it going. (Not that I couldn't have done much of it myself, but he was being nice and I didn't want to burst his bubble).

The bad thing was that the IT guy had told me to save all my old emails on my harddrive, so guess what? That's right, they are all gone... All my hard work and employer contacts over the past, oh 9 months, gone... gone, gone.... wait no, yes still gone... I would use an appropriate word beginning with the letter F here, but I have no need to sink lower.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! It's got to be better than mine, at least I sincerely hope it is...

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June 23, 2005


I have to do a review of Seinfeld because it's still one of the most hilarious shows ever made. Not that I liked the series finale but overall the show was amazing. As I was watching E! last night (say what you will, I really can't defend myself) they were talking about the line:

"Not that there's anything wrong with that"

Which I totally didn't know was from Seinfeld. I mean, it's a line I use occasionally but it wasn't anything I associated with Seinfeld. Wow, just shows the staying power of the show. Today I can still watch episodes I've seen before and still laugh my ass off. If there is one show I would currently consider buying on DVD it would probably be Seinfeld, except it is always shows on TBS every night so I watch it then instead. Hehe...

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June 21, 2005

Random Thought #2

As I was getting ready for my day this morning I had the TV tuned to VH1 or MTV (they are both the same station really) and Mariah Carey's new music video came on. Now I don't like Mariah in general, at least the new songs where she sounds like a squealing pig, but her music video had her getting married to one guy while she was really in love with another. The other guy shows up and she runs off with him. I don't really understand this. Why are you settling? Were you having an affair and the affair didn't work out and now you are all sad because you are marrying the rich guy you were dating in the first place? This shows the low state of our society when people are singing sad love songs while getting married to SOMEONE ELSE. Dammit woman, hold out for the guy you love or move the hell on.

Pathetic. Oh, and another thing. Who let Jessica Simpson turn the 'These Boots Are Made for Walkin' song into some sort of skank anthem? The song is about a strong woman who is going to kick your ass, not about some cute girl in daisy duke's who is going to seduce your ass and the walk on you to adjust your back. Seriously!! Gives me no hope for the Duke's movie... and Willie Nelson!! WHY!!??!!

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June 19, 2005

Batman Begins

This, of course, is a movie review for Batman Begins. It has been less than 24 hours since I have seen it, and yet I still long to watch the movie again. It was that awesome. This review does contain spoilers!

The whole entire theme of the film can be sumed up in two lines: Why do we fall down? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up. Like Spiderman (the first one) before it, Batman Begins follows the superhero and explains his past and how he grew into his masked hero. Amazing is simply the word to describe it. As with Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne is tomented by his past and his fears, but Bruce and Batman are infinetly more darker than Peter and Spiderman, which can hold a lighthearted tone better. That will probably decide which of the series you like better, though there is humor in Batman it is dark humor.

There are some great, great names in this movie. I wasn't aware of many of them before I started watching it. Gary Oldman plays a cop in the beginning, who is a Sargent when Batman returns to Gotham and, by the end of the movie, is promoted to Lieutenant. However, his name is Gordon and the date I had mentioned there is a 'Commisionner Gordon', which will probably develop in the next film. (Here's hoping they make a second).

Christian Bale, who plays Batman, does a wonderful job. He's hot, ripped, smart and tough. Also, unlike the mistake that was heard round the world in the second Batman movie (circa 1992), he does not kill anyone, but he can choose not to save them.

Katie Holmes, while I don't like her as a person, I think she also does a great job. And (spoiler alert) Batman doesn't get her in the end, though it is very nicely done and shows a great strong female character who is not about to be swayed by heroic antics.

Michael Caine, I love this man, he is a great actor (and has won an Oscar to prove it) and does wonders with the role of the butler. (ooo - I can't remember his name and that's probably a bad thing). Awesome job though, I love the part where he mocks Bruce while the house is burning and says 'What good are all those pushups if you can't lift a burning log?'.... oh hilarious! He is also shown as a driving force behind Bruce's playboy antics.

One distraction in the movie was the Scarecrow, who is the villain, he is sooooo pretty. He looks like a girl, actually, and that was distracting. The overall plot in the movie is good though they didn't develop the Scarecrow enough. He was good, but not a great villian. I think they had too much storyline and couldn't expand his role more, it might've made the film a bit better if the Scarecrow was stronger. The film still rocked though.

You just need to see this movie if you haven't already, looks like it is #1 at the box office, and see it again if you have - like me. I will see it again soon I am sure, even if I have to go to the theater by myself. Please feel free to add your opinion, but if it is that the film isn't that awesome, you should know that you are wrong :-P

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June 14, 2005

Voila - A Receptionist!!

Occasionally at work they will make you do menial things, I believe that all my friends are low enough on the totem pole to have experienced this, and then there are things that are an absolute waste of time. Not for the company, but for the pay rate they pay you (especially when you are already getting 7 hours overtime this week), and the job they are getting. For example: this morning I have AGAIN been attached to the front desk. I would like to stress that I have so many more important things to do they are innumerable, and yet here I am answering the phones. It is important, the phones do need to be answered. But do they need someone who's supposed to be visiting classes and annoucing the Career Fair and checking resumes and auditing graduate files for the upcoming Education Department audit to be doing this?? That is my point...

Although everybody else is doing important things too, perhaps I am doing the least important of the important tasks - and this illustrates why you hire a receptionist who is reliable and shows up to work. Which, I am happy to announce, we may be getting soon!

This is my day, and I love my work... and I don't mind being the receptionist (actually)... but can't they choose me on a day when I don't have too many important things to do?? That would be great, especially since I do like updating my blog and playing diamond mine while being paid occasionally... hehehe

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June 07, 2005

Staff Meetings

Today we had a staff meeting, something that all other employees in any type of business will know as a general waste of time as the boss(es) attempt to communicate knowledge which could have been gained in a five second email. However, making us sit through the meeting has the added bonus of knowing that we all have gained the knowledge, I guess...

Every month they announce the 'Employee of the Month' award. Imagine my surprise, and embarassment, when the May choice is ME! That's right, I have finally won an Employee of the Month award - and I have to say it is about damn time. Not for this job, but for any job!! I worked at Bethel for 6 years, 6 years!!! and was never actually recognized in any sort of formal award (although I did get a very nice going away party). And I worked for 4 years at Kohls and was also never recognized even though I was nice (nice, I tell you NICE!) to all my lousy, mean, throwing staplers, customers. But I am glad I got the award here because I have a BEAUTIFUL plaque with my name on it... perhaps I will take a picture and post it on here soon.

So, congratulations me, because I am awesome and work damn hard! (although I was too surprised and embarassed to express this sentiment when I got my award in front of all the other staff members)

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Kerry's Grades

I was watching the news this morning as I was getting ready for my wonderful day of cold calling and saw that Fox News (say what you will) was going to release John Kerry's grades and tell you if he was 'really smarter than Bush'. I have to admit I am fascinated, though I don't know if grades really indicate intelligence. (Perhaps that is more because I didn't have high grades though...)

Please, please, please, if you heard what Kerry's grades are - let me know as I really do need to know!! I believe it will affect my worldview...

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