May 24, 2005

Star Wars: Episode III
10lees Turns to the Dark Side

Please be warned, this is sure to contain Star Wars spoilers. If you haven't seen the movie you may want to read an earlier post.

I went and saw the movie during work on Friday, that's right - I got paid to see it, so it wasn't as bad as if I hadn't gotten paid to watch it. And I have a few comments regarding the overall film, so this isn't a cohesive review - mainly a smattering of thoughts that ran through my mind during or after my viewing of this crappy ass movie.

Theme 1: Consistancy anyone?
There were several nonconsistant sequences, but I will pick on the three that are most problematic.

Padma's hair: What was up with that? Why was she brushing her hair with a paddle brush in her first scene? Don't they have any makeup artists to share with Lucas the fact that if you have curly ringlet type hair and you brush it with a paddle brush it will immediatly look like a large frizzy bush? Also why did it keep changing lengths? (On a side note, who sleeps in a pearl nightgown?)

OwiWan Jedi Ways: Apparently I am not the only one who needs a few lessons in the good side, because ObiWan says to Anikan at the end that only the Dark Side speaks in absolutes. Uh, ObiWan I hate to interupt your preaching, but the Jedis only allow one to mess with the good side, the Dark Side gets to play with both. I think I would switch over too, especially since you're 'theology' isn't consistant.

Padma's Death: WTF?? In Jedi Leia remembers her mother, and it is implied that it is her real mother. Apparently Lucas can't remember his own story line! Upsetting, plus it's not like the couldn't have TOLD Darth that Padma was dead, obviously he didn't go looking for her. (Ok so the burial might have thrown him off, but you can fake that!)

Also on a side note: why didn't anybody realize that Anikan was Padma's children's father? They were living together, was it that hard to figure out??

Theme 2: Character Development?

My favorite character in the movie was the dragon like creature that ObiWan rode on that one planet. Otherwise, there was not character development. Was there any speaking done that was longer that two sentances by one character? I think that is a prerequisite for character development.

Theme 3: Surprises!

Hmmm, let me rack my brain... there weren't any. Sad, I know. The whole point of this movie is to get us from point A to point B and there were no surprises. The thing that made the first movie sooo good was that Han got frozen, Luke got his hand cut off, Luke found out Darth was his father, Leia found out she was Luke's sister, ObiWan died, Yoda was a puppet, and loads of other things. GEESH Lucas, you could at least give a good script writer your ideas.

So in a rating of A to F I would give this movie a D-, not worthless but pretty darn close. Please feel free to add in your own sentaments.

Posted by 10lees at May 24, 2005 08:55 AM