May 28, 2004

Evil Coffee Corp v 1.0

Caribou qualifies as v 2.0, in case you wondered... so I hope you can guess what v 1.0 is. Anyway, I had an interview on Tuesday (May 25) with them and I had another interview yesterday with them. The position I was aiming for was Store Manager or Assistant Store Manager, however my apparent lack of actual retail management experience prevents me from getting either of these positions at this point in time. They have interviewed me for Shift-Supervisor, which is fine for a while I suppose. The store manager I interviewed with yesterday (Ed) is opening his store in July, which is a little late for me. But I would get hours at other stores during my training period, which would be beginning June 14th at the latest. If I got the job I would just have to do some temp stuff for a while. Ed is supposed to call me on Tuesday about whether I got the job or not, however I have a good feeling about getting it... (knock on wood).

I guess at this point I'm trying to decide what I want to do. I don't want to shut the door on IT, but I was pretty bored at Bethel before I left. What I really enjoyed was my student workers and seeing them grow and change through the college experience. That, and the fact that everybody I know who's worked in a coffee shop loved it, was the reason I decided to apply to be a manager at the Evil Coffee Corp v 1.0. Plus v 2.0 doesn't exist over here...

Everyone keeps telling me the 20s are the time to experiment, and I can afford the paycut for a little while. It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Ed, if he hires me, would want to fast-track me to management. He said he's seen people hired as baristas become store managers within a year. This gives me a lot of hope on moving up, plus I don't have tons of experience to be a manager anywhere else (even though I know I can do it because I'm awesome).

Anybody have any opinions on what I should do?

Posted by 10lees at May 28, 2004 11:09 AM