May 19, 2004

Orange Shoe Day

Well after Monday, and me saying it was busy at work, Tuesday hit and by noon I was staring at the computer screen like a moron because I had nothing at all to do. So I asked on of my co-workers if he had anything he needed me to do; unfortunately he did...and it took me until 4pm today to finish the project he gave me. Craig, the guy who worked the position before me, walked me out of the building today...he asked what I was planning on doing after Friday and mentioned the people in the office really like me. That might mean that they are going to offer me a job...but maybe not...I don't want the job so I hope they don't offer it to me right now.

I wore my orange shoes today, and everybody liked them...even the straight guys... :)

The first job I interviewed at called me today, they had a few job opportunities for me (they are an employment agency also), I will have to call them back and let them know I will be interested in a couple weeks. Maybe I should just give up and take an administrative position, even though I want to bash my head on the computer screen after a while. I am beginning to wish I had majored in Computer Science because then I could get a computer job and be a super smart geek!!

I always have more to say when I am not writing the blog...I need to start keeping a post it notes with things I want to write about on it...

If everybody could please pray for my friend Laurel as she is in the hospital right now it would be appriciated.

Posted by 10lees at May 19, 2004 08:15 PM