May 13, 2004


So I rejoined the working class today and went to work for an HR firm in downtown Seattle as a receptionist. It's right off of Pike's Market and it was really fun to go walk around the market during my hour lunch break. But it's hard to fill a whole hour when you don't drive around at all. I actually have to take the bus to downtown Seattle and that is fun, not too many nuts on the bus.

Here is my rant against psychosis, every girl out there will know what I am talking about. And every girl has experienced this at some point in her life or another, but I think I am worse than some and better than others. I guess psychosis isn't the right phrase, maybe excessive anxiety and worry is the correct phrase to describe what it feels like to freak out. I worry about the choices I make and how they will affect my life tomorrow. I am anxious about whether people will like me or not and if I am doing the right thing with my life. Actually this usually only happens when I am changing for some reason - not if I am in the same job, place or with the same people. I think when I took this temp job it just really hit me that I wasn't in Minnesota anymore and I miss everyone and everything there so much. Even though I know it was God's will that I made those choices and I was pretty misraeble in Minnesota despite all those wonderful people there... (sorry ya'll but you just aren't my mom)...

I will probably take another week off after this temp job ends because I don't think I can handle working full time yet. It's just too much stress on my soul... you don't have to assure me I made the right choices, I know I did. But if you think of it pray for me that I'll have enough strength to finish making all my choice and that God will lead me into a great job opportunity.

Posted by 10lees at May 13, 2004 07:16 PM